Monday, 11 October 2010


Another page from the sketchbook project
This one is verse two of the second poem which reads;
She feels the power rising,
begining deep within her soul,
an awakening of ancient wisdom,
spiralling through her whole.
I used acrylic paint and gel pens on this page.
3rd verse reads;
The magic it seems was always there,
forgotton deep inside,
hidden knowledge that had been lost,
throughout the times and tide.
I used acrylic paint and watercolour pencils for this page. I forgot that I had to write on the page, which is why the verse is squished up in the corner!
Sami x


Carmen said...

Another couple of crackers :) If you can Sam - when you've finished the whole book, will you do a video turning the pages from start to finish? I'd love to see the effect.

Sam said...

LOL Carmen! I don't have a video camera but paige does so maybe she can help me out!

LadyBug said...

Sure thing :) I'm certain we can sort out a vidoe of this cracking art journal. I adore both these pages and will be looking for a huge canvas soon Sami for you to art journal for me and Trav :) what a great day we had yesterday..... well it was a top weekend really wasn't it!!

laurie b said...

absolutely beautiful, sam. i am inspired with how you can completely "own" a page, over-extend it even, with your thoughts. you are truly a talented art journalist.