Thursday, 7 October 2010

Latest pages

Firstly I wanted to say a big thank you for all the lovely comments on my sketchbook project pages. I have only been art journalling for 4 months and am still trying to find my style. I have been very unsure of my work but comments from people whose work I really admire, who are true artists in my eyes, have boosted my confidence a little!
This is the final page of the first poem I wrote for the journal. I used magazines to create a collage on each page and then I drew a face to use as a mask and painted around it on both pages. I printed the words out on the computer then inked them up. The page represents the bright colourful youthful me and the dull present day me!
The last verse reads:
But I need to know that you are there,
that once you used to be,
I need to hear your whispers,
and remember you were me.

I decided that I would keep the theme of poetry and art running through the book so have written another poem called Waking the witch. This poem also has 8 verses so that should fill another 8 pages! It is about the forgotton ancient knowledge we all have inside of us, the knowledge of magic and pagan ways.
I used magazine images to create the border over a painted background. I drew the lady on cartridge paper then cut her out and stuck her on the page and used the first verse and lots of doodles to fill the page.
The first verse reads:
In the silence she hears a whisper,
a sweet calling in the dark,
A sound that seems familiar,
A chant that starts a spark.
Thanks for looking,
Sami x


Jamie said...

It is looking great!

sorayaquartz said...

again more fab pages, i cant wait to see it all finished. it will be great x

thekathrynwheel said...

OOh it's nice to see your journaling - it's looking great! You asked about the calendar challenge on my blog ..... yes, I'm pretty certain we will keep going next year. Hope you will join us :-)

Carmen said...

It's amazing Sam. Really and truly. I am shaking my head at the way you make whipping up another poem sound so easy too.

Wish I had a shmidgen of your talent.

LadyBug said...

Two more fab pages!!! and I have to say for someone who knows you IRl there's nothing dull about you!!!!!