Tuesday, 1 February 2011

M3 and Calendar challenge

Really quick post as I should be packing boxes!
Just wanted to share my nearly finished painting for the first 2 weeks of the M3 course run by Tam at Willowing and my calender pages for the challenge over at The Katherine Wheel (link in my blog list).
My Goddess Cerridwen is nearly finished she just needs a bit of touching up.

This is my completed January page for the calendar challenge,
and this is my February page, all set to go.
Sorry for the short post but I shouldn't be on the computer at all as I should be packing (see post below). Just want to say to bloggers from the calendar challenge, I will try my best to get to your blog to look at your pages but the next few weeks are going to be really busy with the move and I don't know how soon I will get my internet back when we move!
I should be organised and back on line for the March pages though!
Sami x