Monday, 22 August 2011

New painting

Just a quick post to show you a new painting.

This is acrylic, waterolour crayon, felt pen and glitter glue on an 11 1/2 inch canvas.

She is called

'Luna Faerie'

I have been thinking to myself for a while that I should have an etsy shop. I have had a couple of people who own shops say that they might sell my paintings and prints. I have had photographs taken of my paintings to turn them into prints, I have even rung the printers to find out about sizes and prices. Then my friend asked me the other day 'so when are you actually going to do it?'

When indeed? I have made small steps over the last few months, getting the paintings photographed, ringing the printers, buying the mountboard for the prints but just can't seem to push myself in making that final step. The fear is holding me back...thats a positive step though right? Knowing the fear is holding me back??!

Fear that I am not a 'real' artist, fear that my stuff is in no way good enough for people to buy, fear that I will fail at this, fear that people will think 'who does she think she is trying to sell that stuff?' Oh yes, the fear is surrounding me people and I just don't know how to get past it. How do you get past your fears and take that next step, how do you put yourself out there and take the risk? Answers on a postcard please!!!!!(or in my comments box!)

Sorry, this turned into a bit of a depressive moan didn't it?! I am not fishing for compliments on my work I would just like some advice on facing my fear and maybe your helpful hints on how you got started selling your crafts.

Thanks for listening,

sami x

Sunday, 14 August 2011


My good friend Paige is getting Handfasted (Pagan wedding) in two weeks time. Her theme is red and black and poppies and corn. My DD wants to go as a fairy so today we have been making her costume.

This morning I googled 'fairy wings' and watched a couple of tutorials on how to make them. I made huge fairy wings last year for the carnival but the frame for them was willow and quite heavy and bulky so I needed something lighter for my DD to manage!

I found some wire in the shed and twisted it into four wing shapes, 2 large, 2 small.

I then used my hot glue gun to glue along the top edge of the wire frame and laid the organza fabric over the top. (It's best to do this in stages otherwise the glue dries).

I then trimmed the fabric to the edge of the wire rim, not cutting too close in case the fabric peeled away from the wire.
I lit a joss stick and let it smolder and then used that to burn some holes into the wings to add to the pattern and give them a more organic look.

By this stage Paige had arrived to help, bringing with her red and black glitter glue, ladybirds and plenty of ribbon.

I traced all the way around the edges of the wings with red glitter glue and around some of the holes I'd made. Then I drew some swirly designs on them and added dots of black glitter glue and some red and black stick on gems.

While waiting for the glitter to dry, Paige and I sat and cut out loads of circles from the organza fabric and some black silky fabric I had. Paige then burnt all around the edges of the circles, using a candle flame, to bunch them up a bit and curl the edges. We then sewed layers together and added a button to each one for the finishing touch.

We then joined the wings together, twisting the wire and then covering with electrical tape, and made some shoulder straps with black elastic. We attached the wings to the shoulder straps by stitching them in place. (Sorry, I should have taken photos of every stage which would make it easier to explain!) We then wrapped ribbon, ricrak and pearls around the centre piece of the wings before attaching 3 of the bigger flowers, some oak leaves and lady birds to the centre. We also had enough flowers left for a broach for DD and me!

See how pretty!!!

We also made the skirt in the same fabric to match the wings. There is a great tutorial for a no sew tutu on this blog. Paige cut strips of the organza and then knotted them on to the elastic we had sewn for the waistband, following the tutorial.

We still had lots of flowers left so we attached them to ribbon and knotted them onto the waistband as well. Every time my DD put the skirt on the strips would all bunch up and the knots would come loose so I used my sewing machine to just sew all the way along the waistband near the bottom edge to secure the knots.

My DD is wearing a bought black net skirt under the tutu skirt we made. As she already had this skirt I saw no point in buying black net to add to the one we were making, so the tutu was made to sit over the top of her existing skirt, which I think works very well!

Twirling around!!

For a first attempt at fairy wings I think we did a bloody good job!! I did not expect them to come out as well as this so I am so pleased with them. The best thing is the whole outfit has only cost me £4.99 for the fabric (I had loads of organza in every colour but red!!already at home) and £1 for the thick black elastic.

My DD is over the moon with it and Paige and I had great fun making it! Now my DD is not allowed to touch it for 2 weeks until the handfasting!


Sami x

Monday, 8 August 2011

More stamps and a couple of AJ pages

I have been busy, busy, busy making stamps! I managed to get the soft carve rubber from the shop Lawrences. I phoned them up and told them there was no way I was going to pay £14.99 for postage just because it was to the Isle of Wight and after a little heated discussion they agreed to send it to me via Royal Mail.

The soft carve rubber is a lot smoother to carve but I am finding it more difficult to get fine detail on it over the lino.

Anyhow, heres a photo of the stamps I have made so far.

I cheated with the 'confidential' and 'fragile' stamps as I cut the words out on my cricut and then traced around them. All the others I have drawn.

AJ page 'fragile soul'
using acrylic paint, my stamps and white pen

AJ page for Lughnasadh using my corn, poppy, bubbles and bird stamps.


Sami x

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Aug calendar

Here is my August page for the calendar challenge over at Kates blog.

I wanted my page to reflect Lughnasadh which is a pagan celebration of the first harvest of the year. I made the corn and poppy stamps (see post below) as I couldn't find any I liked. I used Dylusion paints and sprays and various texture stamps for the background.

Check out Kates blog to see loads of other calendar pages.