Sunday, 14 August 2011


My good friend Paige is getting Handfasted (Pagan wedding) in two weeks time. Her theme is red and black and poppies and corn. My DD wants to go as a fairy so today we have been making her costume.

This morning I googled 'fairy wings' and watched a couple of tutorials on how to make them. I made huge fairy wings last year for the carnival but the frame for them was willow and quite heavy and bulky so I needed something lighter for my DD to manage!

I found some wire in the shed and twisted it into four wing shapes, 2 large, 2 small.

I then used my hot glue gun to glue along the top edge of the wire frame and laid the organza fabric over the top. (It's best to do this in stages otherwise the glue dries).

I then trimmed the fabric to the edge of the wire rim, not cutting too close in case the fabric peeled away from the wire.
I lit a joss stick and let it smolder and then used that to burn some holes into the wings to add to the pattern and give them a more organic look.

By this stage Paige had arrived to help, bringing with her red and black glitter glue, ladybirds and plenty of ribbon.

I traced all the way around the edges of the wings with red glitter glue and around some of the holes I'd made. Then I drew some swirly designs on them and added dots of black glitter glue and some red and black stick on gems.

While waiting for the glitter to dry, Paige and I sat and cut out loads of circles from the organza fabric and some black silky fabric I had. Paige then burnt all around the edges of the circles, using a candle flame, to bunch them up a bit and curl the edges. We then sewed layers together and added a button to each one for the finishing touch.

We then joined the wings together, twisting the wire and then covering with electrical tape, and made some shoulder straps with black elastic. We attached the wings to the shoulder straps by stitching them in place. (Sorry, I should have taken photos of every stage which would make it easier to explain!) We then wrapped ribbon, ricrak and pearls around the centre piece of the wings before attaching 3 of the bigger flowers, some oak leaves and lady birds to the centre. We also had enough flowers left for a broach for DD and me!

See how pretty!!!

We also made the skirt in the same fabric to match the wings. There is a great tutorial for a no sew tutu on this blog. Paige cut strips of the organza and then knotted them on to the elastic we had sewn for the waistband, following the tutorial.

We still had lots of flowers left so we attached them to ribbon and knotted them onto the waistband as well. Every time my DD put the skirt on the strips would all bunch up and the knots would come loose so I used my sewing machine to just sew all the way along the waistband near the bottom edge to secure the knots.

My DD is wearing a bought black net skirt under the tutu skirt we made. As she already had this skirt I saw no point in buying black net to add to the one we were making, so the tutu was made to sit over the top of her existing skirt, which I think works very well!

Twirling around!!

For a first attempt at fairy wings I think we did a bloody good job!! I did not expect them to come out as well as this so I am so pleased with them. The best thing is the whole outfit has only cost me £4.99 for the fabric (I had loads of organza in every colour but red!!already at home) and £1 for the thick black elastic.

My DD is over the moon with it and Paige and I had great fun making it! Now my DD is not allowed to touch it for 2 weeks until the handfasting!


Sami x


Carolyn Phillips said...

That looks wonderful.

craftattack said...

Sami, this is really magic! Wish you all a fairy happy time at the wedding, and lots of fairy blessings and sparkles! Valerie

Lorraine said...

wow this is should sell these along with your would make a bomb! Hope you have a good day at the wedding..never heard that phrase hand fasted before

LadyBug said...

What a GREAT afternoon!!!!! I can't believe how FAB the outfit turned out. We are so, so clever :) The wings are now stored with the rest of the Handfasting pretties, waiting safely out of dog reach for the big day. Px

laurie said...

absolutely beautiful! you and your friend worked magic with those wings. i'm sure the wedding will be amazing.

Sherry Edwards said...

Fabulous job Sam! I love the shape of the wings and the centre flowers are perfect. Much more satisfying (and original) than just going out and buying some ready done. Looks as though the wedding is going to be quite something (look forward to the photos!!)

Thanks for your comment on the birthday card for my sister. You're quite right about me getting inspiration from the Kate Cane DVD - only thing was I did it from memory (it doesn't come natural to me - LOL). I should really have re-watched the DVD, but I think it turned out ok anyway.

Jamie said...

Amazing - it turned out beautifully

Carmen said...

Again you have smacked my gob with these creations Sam. I'm totally jealous of you (and Paige's) creativity. Feel like I haven't drawn or crafted in so long - you are making me itching to dust off my sketch books!