Monday, 8 August 2011

More stamps and a couple of AJ pages

I have been busy, busy, busy making stamps! I managed to get the soft carve rubber from the shop Lawrences. I phoned them up and told them there was no way I was going to pay £14.99 for postage just because it was to the Isle of Wight and after a little heated discussion they agreed to send it to me via Royal Mail.

The soft carve rubber is a lot smoother to carve but I am finding it more difficult to get fine detail on it over the lino.

Anyhow, heres a photo of the stamps I have made so far.

I cheated with the 'confidential' and 'fragile' stamps as I cut the words out on my cricut and then traced around them. All the others I have drawn.

AJ page 'fragile soul'
using acrylic paint, my stamps and white pen

AJ page for Lughnasadh using my corn, poppy, bubbles and bird stamps.


Sami x


Carolyn Phillips said...

Wow, those are fabulous.

craftattack said...

Sami, these stamps and the pages you have made are FABULOUS!!! Hugs, Valerie

Jamie said...

Love, love that red page, so vibrant

Sherry Edwards said...

Wow Sam, your stamps are FANTASTIC!!! Imagine how much a stamp plate like that would cost! You've done a brilliant job - and I'm glad the shop saw sense about the postage costs too!

LadyBug said...

These stamps are coming out beautifully Sam! I love the text ones. P.S using your Cricut isn't cheating ;)

Carmen said...

I tell you what Sam, you could sell these! Having seen an amazing and may I say totally gorgeous (*ahem!*) stamp up close you have a real talent with these! I would buy a raven off you in a second!

I also agree with Paige - there aint nothing cheating about using the cricut. You still did all the hard work. Good for you in getting the postage reduced.