Saturday, 28 December 2013

New selection of goodies!

 This Goddess pendant has a Smoky quartz tumble at her center. Smoky quartz is a protective stone with grounding properties. It has a strong link with with the earth and base chakras. It is a great stone if you are dealing with stress and can help in tolerating difficult situations. It can lift depression and bring emotional calm.
Approx 7cms, supplied with an adjustable brown cord
£18 plus P&P
 This piece includes a small piece of natural Turquoise on the pendant and a Turquoise bead on the adjustable cord.
Turquoise is an effective healer and protective stone and has been used in amulets for thousands of years. It promotes spiritual attunement and enhances intuition and meditation. It dispels negativity and provides protection against pollutants in the environment. It balances and aligns the Chakras and can bring inner calm.
£16 plus P&P
 Totem Guide pendants
This pendants are extremely popular at the festivals I sell at.
All have different faces and finishes and are totally unique.
£10 each plus P&P

 These totem guide pendants are created as talismans for the wearer. They are made in segments with a polymer clay head and various shaped polymer clay beads- hence the ‘Totem’, they reminded me of totem poles when I was putting them together.
Chose the one that resonates with you the most and let him guide and protect you on your path.
 Agate slices edged with polymer clay. One blue, one purple. The purple one has two Amethyst cabochons on the front.
I have a large slice of Agate which I keep on my window sill to soak up energy from the moon and the sun. I like to place smaller crystals on it for half an hour or so to absorb some of that energy before i use them in any crystal work.
Please be aware though that direct sunlight can fade the crystal.
£15 each plus P&P

Leaf Goddess set with a pale orange agate. Terracotta finish with a hint of green, she is nestled amongst the leaves of the forest.
Approx 9cms
Supplied with an adjustable brown cord, strung with two green miracle beads
£18 plus P&P

Please use the contact form to contact me if you are interested in any of these pieces.
Luna x

Saturday, 14 December 2013

New listings

 Maiden, Mother, Crone
The three phases of the Goddess are represented on this piece of milky/snowy quartz.
Snowy quartz can be used wherever clear quartz would be used, it has a slower, gentler energy but is just as effective.
Approx 5cms
supplied with an adjustable brown cord
£16 plus P&P
***NOW SOLD***
 Standing Stone
This piece represents the Divine energy found in standing stones and stone circles. If you have ever stood within a stone circle or placed your hand upon a sacred standing stone and felt the pulse of this energy then this pendant is for you.
There is a small Amethyst cabochon at its center to represent love of the Divine and spiritual wisdom.
Approx 9cms
supplied with an adjustable brown cord
£16 plus P&P
***NOW SOLD***
Mother and Daughter
A beautifully loving piece incorporating a chunky piece of sparkly sunstone to help instil joy, love and happiness to the wearer. Suitable for a mother or daughter, this piece speaks of that special bond of love that is forever held between the two.
£18 plus P&P

Please use the 'contact me' form at the top of the page if you would like any more details about any of the pieces on my blog.
Luna x

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Moons and gypsy's

 Moon Face
A sweet little moon face, peeking out through the stars with quartz, amethyst and blue lace agate.
Quartz is a master crystal, amplifying the energies of other crystals it is placed with. Amethyst is a protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. Blue lace agate is a healing stone and its soft energy helps to bring peace of mind.
Approx 7cms
Supplied with adjustable brown cord with an opalite bead
£18 plus P&P
***NOW SOLD***
Gypsy magick
A magickal Gypsy woman pendant. Will she help reveal your inner self? Teamed with a beautifully banded orange agate to help with spiritual growth, raising of consciousness and inner stability.
Approx 8cms
Supplied with a brown adjustable cord strung with a wooden orange bead.
£18 plus P&P

Monday, 9 December 2013

Yule Goddess Spirit Doll

Yule Goddess Spirit Doll
The reborn Sun God held in the arms of Winter. Born into the darkness, bringing with him the hope of rebirth and growth for the coming season.

 The Sun God is also draped with Holly and Oak leaves to represent the battle between the Holly King and the Oak King at the Mid Winter Solstice.

And my friend made one with me! Although the Sun Gods are done in the same way, The dolls are totally different, with their own beauty and spirits shining through.

 What is a spirit doll?

Spirit dolls can be found all over the world in many different cultures. They can go by a variety of names such as Goddess dolls, art dolls, healing dolls or amulet dolls. They can be made of almost any material- wood, cloth, clay, stone, in various forms and can be made for almost any purpose.

In several countries in Africa, they have ‘fertility Goddess dolls’ which are prayed to not only for the safe birth of strong healthy babies but also the health and prosperity of the whole tribe.
Native American Kachina dolls which the Hopi use to embody the characters of the Kachinas, the powerful spirits of the earth, east, west, south, north, the sky and water.

What they all seem to have in common is the Goddess and femininity. Goddesses have been worshiped in Egyptian mythology, Norse, Celtic, Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Gnosticism, Wicca and Christianity. African cultures, ancient India, the Caribbean and even European cultures all have sculptures and figures representing the Goddess and their history and beliefs systems. Dolls have been used as sacred items in religious ceremonies for many hundreds of years, normally made to represent the Gods/Goddesses that were worshiped.

A spirit doll can be made for any purpose. They can be an expression of Archetype or elemental energy, something you yearn or wish for, something to be used for inspiration, creativity or transformation, for protection and healing, the list really is endless. By giving the energy you wish to work with a form, you enable it to work consciously with you and you are able to have something tangible to work with, a focus for your intent, energy work and meditation. It becomes a physical representation of the energy you wish to work with or manifest. You can imbue it with your desires and hopes and it becomes a powerful tool for manifestation.
I would not recommend invoking an actual spirit/Goddess into the doll unless you are highly practiced in such things and are aware of, and prepared for, the consequences of this action.

I like to look at spirit dolls like this: Do you remember your favourite doll (or teddy, or toy) as a child? Did you whisper your secrets to it? Did you tell it your hopes and dreams and wished it could speak back to you? Did you take it everywhere with you? Did holding it give you courage or make you feel safe? That’s what you can have, on an adult level, with your spirit doll. Work with it, tell it your hopes and dreams, your fears and wishes and let the energy created between you help to manifest or banish them. The more you work with your doll, the more energy created, the stronger the link and the more powerful tool she will become to aid you in your magical workings and daily life.

 My Spirit dolls
Each doll is made to order so can take between two-four weeks to create. Payment for spirit dolls is required at time of order due to the personal aspects of the creation.Please message me for more details.
Spirit dolls: For spirit dolls I use branches and twigs, either fallen or cut responsibly, normally from my own garden, as the base of the doll. I then use wadding and fabric scraps and add beads, crystals, gems, wire, feathers, plant stuff, herbs, sigils and just about anything else that calls to me in the creation of these dolls. I use polymer clay faces and a variety of wool hair. If you have a specific requirement for your doll, for instance if you would like a special herbal blend to be added then this can be discussed. Prices will vary depending on materials used.


Saturday, 7 December 2013

A bit of a sea theme going on

 This little mermaid sits on top of a beautiful piece of Ocean Jasper.Her tail unfolds around the back of the crystal.
Approx 5cms long
£16 plus P&P

 ***NOW SOLD***
 This mermaid is sculpted onto a piece of driftwood found on Binstead beach, Isle of Wight. She has a real ammonite fossil in her tummy and is finished with a gloss varnish.
Measures approx 15cm long
£25 plus postage

Beautiful Water element wand.Crackle quartz point for the tip, Goddess face and swirls surrounding the tip. She has blue suede cord wrapped around the end and 2 hanging charms of beads and shells.Perfect for calling or working with the element of water, or for beach workings. The driftwood and shells were collected on the Isle of Wight. Approx 25cms long. £25 plus P&P
(why oh why Blogger do you insist on turning my photos around?)

Mermaid painting
Mixed media on wood
Prints available
£14 each plus P&P

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Phases of Womanhood

***NOW SOLD***
Phases of womanhood
Driftwood sculpture
This piece has been sculpted on a piece of driftwood found on Bembridge beach on the Isle of Wight.
It has three faces merged into the wood and a small piece of citrine. This sculpture is about learning to love yourself for the woman you are, before you can give yourself totally to someone else. For most of us, this realization often comes in the later phases of our life!
Dimensions are approximate -10cm x 8cm
£25 plus P&P