Saturday, 7 December 2013

A bit of a sea theme going on

 This little mermaid sits on top of a beautiful piece of Ocean Jasper.Her tail unfolds around the back of the crystal.
Approx 5cms long
£16 plus P&P

 ***NOW SOLD***
 This mermaid is sculpted onto a piece of driftwood found on Binstead beach, Isle of Wight. She has a real ammonite fossil in her tummy and is finished with a gloss varnish.
Measures approx 15cm long
£25 plus postage

Beautiful Water element wand.Crackle quartz point for the tip, Goddess face and swirls surrounding the tip. She has blue suede cord wrapped around the end and 2 hanging charms of beads and shells.Perfect for calling or working with the element of water, or for beach workings. The driftwood and shells were collected on the Isle of Wight. Approx 25cms long. £25 plus P&P
(why oh why Blogger do you insist on turning my photos around?)

Mermaid painting
Mixed media on wood
Prints available
£14 each plus P&P

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Joanna said...

Sam, these are all SO BEAUTIFUL! You are one talented lady, that's a fact :)