Saturday, 14 December 2013

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 Maiden, Mother, Crone
The three phases of the Goddess are represented on this piece of milky/snowy quartz.
Snowy quartz can be used wherever clear quartz would be used, it has a slower, gentler energy but is just as effective.
Approx 5cms
supplied with an adjustable brown cord
£16 plus P&P
***NOW SOLD***
 Standing Stone
This piece represents the Divine energy found in standing stones and stone circles. If you have ever stood within a stone circle or placed your hand upon a sacred standing stone and felt the pulse of this energy then this pendant is for you.
There is a small Amethyst cabochon at its center to represent love of the Divine and spiritual wisdom.
Approx 9cms
supplied with an adjustable brown cord
£16 plus P&P
***NOW SOLD***
Mother and Daughter
A beautifully loving piece incorporating a chunky piece of sparkly sunstone to help instil joy, love and happiness to the wearer. Suitable for a mother or daughter, this piece speaks of that special bond of love that is forever held between the two.
£18 plus P&P

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