Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Here are my sneak peaks for Scrapbook Apprentice challenge three. The challenge was to just use cardstock for our LO's, no patterened paper at all! Very tricky. I sanded, ripped, embossed and dry painted to add textures and effects...i hope ive done enough! Thank you to the people who have voted for me, check out all the entrys at or click on the link opposite.

LO one

LO two

Card one

Card two

Sorry! Hav'nt been on to update in a while! Been very busy over christmas as we have a new puppy. Her name is Willow and she is a Cocker spaniel. My friend breeds them and we fell in love with this little girl! She is 11 weeks old now and is chewing everything and has been taking all my time up!

Willow being a bit scared of the camera!

Weighing the puppy! (not for cooking!!)