Thursday, 30 December 2010

A new challenge for 2011

I have embarked on a new challenge for 2011- a calender art journal.
I follow Kates blog over at
and have loved looking at her calender pages throughout the year. She has decided to do the challenge again this year and I thought I would give it a go. I don't know whether I will always be on time with it but I am definately up for it!
Here's what Kate says about it:
"All you have to do is complete a calender page each month, and if you like, leave a comment on my blog at the start of each month so that others can visit your blog and take a peek. Don't forget you can also upload to Flickr too."
Here is my January page.
I have used Dylusion paints and sprays (that I got for Birthday and xmas-Yay!) and a range of stamps from Paperbag studios, invoke arts, We R memory keepers and my minds eye.
Kate has an article in the Jan Craft Stamper magazine showing you how to complete the Jan page and I used this as a base for my page as I was unsure of how to start! Now I know what I am doing I will be able to do my own designs for the other months.
I am also doing some freebie courses with Strathmore and considering Tam's new course over at How will I fit it all in?!
Sami x

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Last JOY post before Xmas!

Super busy here, like I expect everyone else is, so these will be my last JOY posts until after Xmas.
Day 20- met up with friends for coffee and to look at each others xmas journals

Day 21-YULE!! Up at stupid 'o' clock to climb up to the longstone to watch the sunrise, not that we could see the sun through all the mist and cloud! In the evening our group got together to celebrate Yule in the old tradition and then we all had a lovely meal together, cooked by Teresa and Martin which was FAB!! We wrote our hopes for the next year on a chinese lantern and sent it up into the sky.

Day 22- My birthday! A lovely day spent with family and friends. I had some wonderful gifts: Both collections of Dylusions spray inks, one set from hubby and one from mum and dad, a beautiful crochet blanket and a silver ring from my sister, some funky house stamps and a booful cuddly toy from the kids, a new moon calender and beautiful tree charm necklace from Teresa and Martin, a crochet scarf and candle from Paige and Trav and a witches calender from Dawn. In the evening Paige cooked a wonderful birthday meal for me and hubby and Zoe and Alan. The meal was fantastic and all homemade (P sure puts on a posh spread!)
Well, thats all for now. I would like to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a great new year!
Sami x

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Epic catchup!

I have spent the WHOLE weekend catching up with my JOY. I have been so busy this past week what with new puppy Oakley, a xmas party to organise and sick children that I had fallen way behind.
Day 8-prezzie list hidden in pocket so kids cant see

Day 9-bringing Oakley home and saying goodbye to Molly

Day 10- a Page for Molly

Day 11- Works xmas meal

Day 12- cooker got condemmed on Sun was leaking carbon monoxide, thank the Goddess we had a carbon monoxide alarm in the kitchen. Of course that meant no cooker so we had to go and order one on Mon, an expense we could not afford at the moment, but hey, at least we are alive!

Day 13-Shelbys xmas concert

Day 14-Icy weather and thinking about all the things I still need to do

Day 15- The friendship groups xmas and Eid party celebration

Day 16-succuming to a commercial xmas??

Day 17-The new cooker arrived, Oakley got his first set of jabs and Shelby got sent home from school ill

Day 18- Snow started again today which has meant my Nephew couldn't get down to the Island for xmas. We are praying it clears up in the next couple of days so he can get here by train.

Day 19-Still snowing, still freezeing, still playing catchup all day!
Thanks for looking,
Sam x

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Joy days 5,6,7

Falling behind already! Here are days 5,6,7
On the 5th, I spent the whole morning typing up training notes for a training session the next day-hence my thought of the day tag! In the afternoon we went to Paiges to visit our new puppy,Oakley. I put Willow in the kitchen with him to see how they got on and Willow was great with him. What she will be like when hes permanately at our house I don't know! We are bringing Oakley home today so I won't have long to find out!

Day 6- I didn't do anything exciting today but Eclipse was released on DVD so as soon as Hubby was in from work he was sent to Tesco to pick me up a copy! I was going to write xmas cards on the 6th but still have not got round to it! I hate the task and this year I have not made the cards and will be sending out cheapy ones-Im such a Bah Humbug this year!

Day 7- nothing doing today either so I have written about things I am grateful for. The photo is of my Dad, sister and me at my Dads 'remission' party in August, not christmassy in the slightest but important to me that he's here after everything hes been through this year.

This is a page in my art journal that I did last night. This is the Goddess Cerridwen. She is a Celtic Goddess and is concerned with education, arts, knowledge, intelligence and creativity. She is considered the patron of poetry, wisdom and grain. She is keeper of a cauldron of healing and inspiration. Drinking the brew from the cauldron bestows inspiration and knowledge.
Sami x

Saturday, 4 December 2010

JOY-Days 2,3 & 4

Well, I am just about managing to keep up with my JOY, but I don't know how long that will last!
Day 2
We woke up to 15cms of snow this morning! School was cancelled, buses were stopped so we had a bonus SNOW day!

The neighbours had sneaked out in the night to build a giant snowman, just like they did in January. Zoe (my little sis), Paige, the kids and me went up to the rec for some snowball fun.

Day 3
We went to my friends husbands surprise 40th birthday party last night.

A little bit about Yule (as the photos I took of the party were not very good!)

Day 4
Zoe, the kids and me, had breakfast at Spoons today and then went to a free wreath making session in the town.

Then we went to Busy Bee's for the kids to choose their xmas decoration. This is a tradition we do every year. The kids get to buy one tree decoration each and then when they leave home they will have a collection of decorations to use on their own trees.
We then went home and shoved my hubby in the attic to get the xmas tree down and spent the afternoon decorating it.
Sami x

Friday, 3 December 2010

JOY-Day one

This year I am doing JOY-journal our Yule, rather than JYC! Still the same thing but as I am Pagan, Yule is my holiday! We still celebrate Xmas because of the kids and family, but Yule has more significant meaning to me.
Here is my front cover

This is my first page. There is a calender for Dec which opens up and I have written my goals for the season on the tag that pulls out from behind. On the tag it says:

This year its all about JOY-journal our Yule. This year I will concentrate more on journalling about each day-what I have been up to, what the kids have done, rather than using the same promps from other years-how many times can I write about my fav xmas song?!
This year I'm finding it hard to conjure up the xmas spirit. Whether I'm finally realising I don't have to concede to the comercial Christmas by spending a fortune on tat, I don't know!
My main focus this year is being with my family and people I love. Celebrating that my Dad made it through his cancer treatment and is now in remission and is still still here to have Xmas with us. To focus on the important aspects of Yule and Xmas, giving thanks, celebrating the return of the light and being with people who mean the most to me.

Day one page-waking up to snow on the 1st Dec-amazing!!

On the reverse of the date tags, I am writing my thought or quote of the day. This thought is about being proud of the work I have done with the Friendship group I run. Seeing these women gaining confidence, trying new things and really expressing themselves is amazing. The photo on the right is the self portraits the women of the group have just completed and which are now proudly displayed on the wall of the venue we use. Nearly all of the women had never painted before in their lives!
There is also a pic of my DD and my advent calender (twilight one of course!)
Sami x