Friday, 3 December 2010

JOY-Day one

This year I am doing JOY-journal our Yule, rather than JYC! Still the same thing but as I am Pagan, Yule is my holiday! We still celebrate Xmas because of the kids and family, but Yule has more significant meaning to me.
Here is my front cover

This is my first page. There is a calender for Dec which opens up and I have written my goals for the season on the tag that pulls out from behind. On the tag it says:

This year its all about JOY-journal our Yule. This year I will concentrate more on journalling about each day-what I have been up to, what the kids have done, rather than using the same promps from other years-how many times can I write about my fav xmas song?!
This year I'm finding it hard to conjure up the xmas spirit. Whether I'm finally realising I don't have to concede to the comercial Christmas by spending a fortune on tat, I don't know!
My main focus this year is being with my family and people I love. Celebrating that my Dad made it through his cancer treatment and is now in remission and is still still here to have Xmas with us. To focus on the important aspects of Yule and Xmas, giving thanks, celebrating the return of the light and being with people who mean the most to me.

Day one page-waking up to snow on the 1st Dec-amazing!!

On the reverse of the date tags, I am writing my thought or quote of the day. This thought is about being proud of the work I have done with the Friendship group I run. Seeing these women gaining confidence, trying new things and really expressing themselves is amazing. The photo on the right is the self portraits the women of the group have just completed and which are now proudly displayed on the wall of the venue we use. Nearly all of the women had never painted before in their lives!
There is also a pic of my DD and my advent calender (twilight one of course!)
Sami x


Sherry Edwards said...

Oooh it's lovely Sam, and yes, snow on 1st December, how great is that (well, for journalling and photographing purposes anyway). So glad you'll have your Dad with you and that's fantastic news about his health. Enjoy your celebrations xx

Jamie said...

So lovely! What a wonderful way to commemorate the end of a year.

Carmen said...

I think a lot of us are emerging from the commercialism fog and finding it's left a bitter after taste. I said to someone else - I'm taking back Christmas this year... it's been ruined for me in prevous years and watching people loading up in the shops last year left a sick feeling to the stomach. Two fingers up to commercialism ;)

Love your book so far.

Sarah said...

Lovely JOY LOs so far Sam. I am so enjoying journalling daily. And this weather has made me go out and take photos (I am poor at remembering to take it places with me!). Cannot wait to get home and work on todays xx

LadyBug said...

Loving it!!!! I really like how you have used your thickers on the first page! and the journalling on your tag is inspiring! Px

Lorraine said...

love all the colours on this it looks very moroccan..glad you have joined the milliande takes a bit of time to get round everything..the milliande minis group is a good one to join as that is where all the mini videos are

helena said...

love how you have taken the basic idea and made it your own and joy is such an appropriate acronym

laurie b said...

i love how you've taken the whole jyc concept and made it your own. i am very interested in learning more about yule so let me know if there is a book or site you recommend.

thekathrynwheel said...

I love you little yule journal, and your wise words make it seem even more special :-)