Sunday, 19 December 2010

Epic catchup!

I have spent the WHOLE weekend catching up with my JOY. I have been so busy this past week what with new puppy Oakley, a xmas party to organise and sick children that I had fallen way behind.
Day 8-prezzie list hidden in pocket so kids cant see

Day 9-bringing Oakley home and saying goodbye to Molly

Day 10- a Page for Molly

Day 11- Works xmas meal

Day 12- cooker got condemmed on Sun was leaking carbon monoxide, thank the Goddess we had a carbon monoxide alarm in the kitchen. Of course that meant no cooker so we had to go and order one on Mon, an expense we could not afford at the moment, but hey, at least we are alive!

Day 13-Shelbys xmas concert

Day 14-Icy weather and thinking about all the things I still need to do

Day 15- The friendship groups xmas and Eid party celebration

Day 16-succuming to a commercial xmas??

Day 17-The new cooker arrived, Oakley got his first set of jabs and Shelby got sent home from school ill

Day 18- Snow started again today which has meant my Nephew couldn't get down to the Island for xmas. We are praying it clears up in the next couple of days so he can get here by train.

Day 19-Still snowing, still freezeing, still playing catchup all day!
Thanks for looking,
Sam x


Sherry Edwards said...

Wow - that was a lot of catching up! I think your 'joy' book is wonderful and will be amazing to look back on in years to come.

Hope the snow clears up for you xx

LadyBug said...

Oh My!!! you have been really busy this weekend!!!!! I love all the pages and can't wait to see it this week! will you bring it over on wednesday please? I love how we have both used the same photo of my lovely old lady :) on the day she left us.

Sarah said...

Wow that really was a lot of catching up! I really like your diary of December style JOY. I think i prefer your style as it captures events each day. I havent completed all of the JYC prompts as some of them just dont fit with what I want to write. I think I could tell a much smoother Christmas story with a day by day diary. Its really looking fab Sam. I really enjoy seeing it progress. xx

Lisa said...

I love your JOY journal! You are so creative! It will be a great memento in years to come! Stay warm and have a wonderful holiday season!

Carmen said...

I adore your journal and have to click each page for a proper nosey :) Your handwriting is gorgeous. Glad my windscreen isn't the only one that goes like that too :)

Jenna Upson said...

wow! I love how cute your journal is. Especially all the colours and embellies! X