Thursday, 23 December 2010

Last JOY post before Xmas!

Super busy here, like I expect everyone else is, so these will be my last JOY posts until after Xmas.
Day 20- met up with friends for coffee and to look at each others xmas journals

Day 21-YULE!! Up at stupid 'o' clock to climb up to the longstone to watch the sunrise, not that we could see the sun through all the mist and cloud! In the evening our group got together to celebrate Yule in the old tradition and then we all had a lovely meal together, cooked by Teresa and Martin which was FAB!! We wrote our hopes for the next year on a chinese lantern and sent it up into the sky.

Day 22- My birthday! A lovely day spent with family and friends. I had some wonderful gifts: Both collections of Dylusions spray inks, one set from hubby and one from mum and dad, a beautiful crochet blanket and a silver ring from my sister, some funky house stamps and a booful cuddly toy from the kids, a new moon calender and beautiful tree charm necklace from Teresa and Martin, a crochet scarf and candle from Paige and Trav and a witches calender from Dawn. In the evening Paige cooked a wonderful birthday meal for me and hubby and Zoe and Alan. The meal was fantastic and all homemade (P sure puts on a posh spread!)
Well, thats all for now. I would like to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a great new year!
Sami x


laurie b said...

i would love to get your joy book in my hands and look at every little detail! it is so intriguing and layered and inviting!

happy holidays and a belated happy birthday. i can't wait to see what you create in the new year.

LadyBug said...

More cool pages Sami! pleased to see the photos of both days came through ok in the end! I love the posed shot of you blowing out your candles :) and I quote the spit comment as well ;) have a good day tomorrow prep'ing with Z and I'll see you on New Years Eve ;)
p.s I'll phone you from Paper chase on Wednesday ;)

Sarah said...

More lovely pages Sam. How funny, I called my page for yesterday 'Coffee & Cake' which I have just uploaded (Mum, my sis and I all went to Starbucks y'day). What a coincidence. Your album is absolutely lovely. And even better IRL. I think I might become addicted to journalling like this all year round (not that my life is that exciting).

Happy festivities to you, Stu, Caleb and Shelby. Hope you all have a lovely festive weekend.

See you in the New Year xxxx

thekathrynwheel said...

Happy Christmas Sam. Hope Santa brings you your new Dylusions paints :-)
Looking forward to seeing your calendar challenge pages :-)
Kate x

Lorraine said...

excellent joy book ...may you and your family have a lovely christmas

Carmen said...

Just gorgeous again. Highly jealous of both the Thornotons cake shop visit and of you all getting to see the journals in real life :)

Merry Christmas Sam - are you doing the new Willowing class in Jan? It's a pay for but am sorely tempted.

Carmen said...

I am seriously considering the course too. What I like about her is that she lets you download the classes so it doesn't matter if you get behind. Have to bank our cheque first but am seriously tempted ;)