Thursday, 9 December 2010

Joy days 5,6,7

Falling behind already! Here are days 5,6,7
On the 5th, I spent the whole morning typing up training notes for a training session the next day-hence my thought of the day tag! In the afternoon we went to Paiges to visit our new puppy,Oakley. I put Willow in the kitchen with him to see how they got on and Willow was great with him. What she will be like when hes permanately at our house I don't know! We are bringing Oakley home today so I won't have long to find out!

Day 6- I didn't do anything exciting today but Eclipse was released on DVD so as soon as Hubby was in from work he was sent to Tesco to pick me up a copy! I was going to write xmas cards on the 6th but still have not got round to it! I hate the task and this year I have not made the cards and will be sending out cheapy ones-Im such a Bah Humbug this year!

Day 7- nothing doing today either so I have written about things I am grateful for. The photo is of my Dad, sister and me at my Dads 'remission' party in August, not christmassy in the slightest but important to me that he's here after everything hes been through this year.

This is a page in my art journal that I did last night. This is the Goddess Cerridwen. She is a Celtic Goddess and is concerned with education, arts, knowledge, intelligence and creativity. She is considered the patron of poetry, wisdom and grain. She is keeper of a cauldron of healing and inspiration. Drinking the brew from the cauldron bestows inspiration and knowledge.
Sami x


laurie b said...

i am several days behind on my jyc but i have my pages all figured out in my head! hopefully this weekend i will be able to actually do them. love your joy so far, very authentic and colorful. the goddess page is gorgeous - i need a tall drink from that cauldron!

LadyBug said...

I'm so so so much further behind than I have ever been on this kind of project. I must try and catch up this evening. I'm loving your pages so far and the goddess in your AJ is beautiful!!! Thank you for this evening the blessing was beautiful I'll let you know how we get on tomorrow. Px

Jamie said...

Its looking beautiful - what a wonderful set of memories you will have.

Sherry Edwards said...

I could do with a drop of that brew Sam! Your Goddess portrait is another beauty - I love the golden shimmery effect you've achieved.

I like your journal pages - hope your new dog is settling in with everyone!

Berenice R. said...

So nice projects! :)

Carmen said...

All of it is just beautiful - all of it. But especially your Dad page and your goddess.