Sunday, 28 November 2010

Using masks and Xmas makes

I have been practising with using masks in my art journal. Some have come out well, some not so well!
I like the colours on this one but the masks have not worked very well! I also found that I loved the colours on the actual masks when I was finished with them so I have stuck them on the page as well.

I drew around my hand for this mask. Again, I like the colours on this one but wish I had resisted the urge to doodle on it afterwards!

This is my favourite one. I took the idea from a blog I found by Michelle Ward (I forgot to save blog to my favs so will have to find it again.) On her blog there was an area called Street team (I think!) where there were ideas for different techniques and challenges. I loved the poppy heads and it was weird because I used poppy heads on a page last week before I had found her blog. I drew the poppy heads by hand and cut them out to use as masks. I also stuck the masks onto the page afterwards as the colours on them were so nice. I stamped the dragonfly image and cut that out as a mask.

I also made this little xmas tree yesterday with instructions from Sarahs blog, I used a mixture of old xmas scrapbook paper and grungepaper for the star. Thanks Sarah for picking us all up the poly cones!)

In the afternoon, the kids, my mum and me all went to my sisters to make some xmas wreaths. My mum had bought the wicker rings a while ago for a bargin 50p each! My sisters partner cut a load of greenery from the garden for us to use. We used garden wire to tie the greenery on but had to resort to the glue gun for the fir cones! Our fingers got all pricked by the fir (surprisingly the holly wasn't as dangerous!) and covered in sap that wouldn't come off, but I was really pleased with how they all turned out.
Sami x


Sarah said...

Wow you've been very busy Sam. I love your Christmas tree ;0) They are so effective yet surprisingly simple arent they?

Your poppy art page is lovely. I love the colours. Very striking ;0)

I love this time of year for crafting. There are always so many lovely things to look at and make. Not sure how I'll be able to wait till Weds for JYC. Want to start filling it with lovely things now....


laurie b said...

my first thought was also how busy you've been! love the masks and the patterning effect on your pages. the wreath and tree have inspired me to get to work on some holiday crafting of my own.

LadyBug said...

what a busy weekend Sam!!!! I love both the journal pages! great use of the LOVE cutout!! ;) and your tree really makes me want to make mine but I'm going to save ot for a JOY day i think ;) great seeing you guys last night and this afternoon thank Bee again for me she is always such a great help with the puppies ;)

Carmen said...

Gorgeous makes Sam. Love the journal pages and am loving your Christmas makes.

Just think how much that wreath would have cost just to buy, you've got the happy memories of the day making it and it was bargaintastic too! Fab!

Lorraine said...

love all the colour on your journal pages I use loads of masks on the backgrounds of my pages and think they are one of the best things I have bought so far. I like Michelle Ward too although I get fed up of hearing the same song on her blog all the time! here is the page your looking for..I have taken part in quite a few of her challenges