Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Art, heart and healing wk 3

Its week 3 over at Tam's Art, heart and healing course and this week we are doing the front cover of our board books, creating a celebration page and making an empaphy monstah!!
This is my front cover. The book will be a book about honouring yourself. We had to make a tag with our favourite quote on to attach to the book and I also added a couple of stamped tickets and a Tim Holtz silver disc.

This is my celebration page. I am really pleased with how the colours have come out but you can't really see it from the photo! This is a feel good page about all the things in my life that I need to celebrate.
I have not looked at the video yet to make the empapthy monstah, but I hope I have time to make one as they look really funky!
Thanks for looking x


Sherry said...

Wow - fabulous cover (and photo of you) and inside pages Sam - the colours you've used are fantastic (love the blue in particular). You done such a great job of this. Love your family photo too x

I've just finished my cover although chickened out of putting a photo of me on it (I didn't have one anyway - that's a good excuse!!). I haven't watched the next 2 videos yet, but am looking forward to them - especially the monster - hehehe!!

Jamie said...


Lorraine said...

great photos of you and your family. I like the quote too how true..haven blogged mine yet but its over at willowing

laurie b said...

so vibrant, so beautiful, and so fitting for a celebration of an amazing life.

Sarah said...

Gorgeous colours Sam. And the photos you've used are lovely. Your family portrait is so celebratory. But you'll have to get another one done in the not too distant future to include your gorgeous new pup ;0) See you on Saturday. S xxx

Carmen said...

I love that photo of you. This is gorgeous.

I'm just about to start week 2. Got some other bits to catch up on first before I start as I want to give it my full attention :)

Love, love, love the colours you've used and that quote is perfect.

Teresa said...

Sam it's brilliant, that picture of you is stunning and the quote - believe it! Txx

LadyBug said...

Brilliant use of the photos Sami :) I'll have to have a look IRL next time I come over for coffee. I'm loving your art journals!