Monday, 22 August 2011

New painting

Just a quick post to show you a new painting.

This is acrylic, waterolour crayon, felt pen and glitter glue on an 11 1/2 inch canvas.

She is called

'Luna Faerie'

I have been thinking to myself for a while that I should have an etsy shop. I have had a couple of people who own shops say that they might sell my paintings and prints. I have had photographs taken of my paintings to turn them into prints, I have even rung the printers to find out about sizes and prices. Then my friend asked me the other day 'so when are you actually going to do it?'

When indeed? I have made small steps over the last few months, getting the paintings photographed, ringing the printers, buying the mountboard for the prints but just can't seem to push myself in making that final step. The fear is holding me back...thats a positive step though right? Knowing the fear is holding me back??!

Fear that I am not a 'real' artist, fear that my stuff is in no way good enough for people to buy, fear that I will fail at this, fear that people will think 'who does she think she is trying to sell that stuff?' Oh yes, the fear is surrounding me people and I just don't know how to get past it. How do you get past your fears and take that next step, how do you put yourself out there and take the risk? Answers on a postcard please!!!!!(or in my comments box!)

Sorry, this turned into a bit of a depressive moan didn't it?! I am not fishing for compliments on my work I would just like some advice on facing my fear and maybe your helpful hints on how you got started selling your crafts.

Thanks for listening,

sami x


laurie said...

i had an etsy shop last year and it was lots of fun. i only sold a couple things (mostly to my sister!) and i found i didn't have the time/energy to promote it and keep it going. but i do believe you have beautiful work that others would treasure in their homes. i encourage you to try it!

Carmen said...

Sam, you have plucked my exact feelings right out of my head. I don't feel yet like a 'real' artist compared to people like YOU! I know I joke about being one but I feel a fraud really. I've looked into the setting up of Etsy/Folksy and even Artfire shop but that's as far as it's got. I wouldn't even know where to start with prints and things.

I have sold one canvas but that was literally a lovely blog person contacting me direct and asking me to do it. I am doing her a second for a friend of hers and I am chuffed but a part of me still thinks does she really like my stuff? Is it a sympathy sale? Stupid huh? I hate the thought of someone seeing one of my makes in real life and thinking they have wasted their money.

You have real talent Sam, not just with your paintings but with your hand carved stamps too - there is a real market for those on Etsy, I have bought a few myself as gifts from there.

Go for it! (And maybe I will get the guts to do it too!)

As for this painting - another beauty!

Lorraine said...

you mentioned shops are interested in your work then I would go with them..your paintings would sell particularly well I think. Your recent luna one would be ideal for a girls room..I think way out stuff wouldnt sell only in specialised shops. I have sold quite a few things on my etsy shop but havent had the time recently (remember to include the cost of packing and post and a reaonable profit margin for yourself). Have a range of smaller items too..have you tried Folksy which is the UK market..good luck and just go for it..its only by being brave and getting past that negative devil on our shoulder that we achieve anything in life and ok if it fails at least you can say well I have had a go!