Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Practising whimsy

It's week 2 over on Tams free course, Art, heart and healing. I have been really impressed with the quality of this course, given that its free. Tam has put so much hard work and effort into it. Both weeks there have been over 2 hours worth of videos demonstrating the weeks project plus 2 PDF files each week. There is a forum to post your work and Tam is commenting on as many peoples work as she can. Given that there are over 1000 people signed up to this course I think thats an amazing effort on her part. Because there is a self healing element to the course and you are being asked to recall past traumas and negative impacts on your life, Tam has also started a forum for support for people who are finding it difficult to deal with, what an amazing women she is! Now that I have seen what an amazing teacher she is and the high quality of a free course I am tempted to save up and take one of her other courses.
This week was in two parts, both using an altered childs board book. Part one was to do an image transfer of a photo of yourself as a child. Then think of things you wish for for this younger you. If you had a bad childhood think of all the things you would have wanted, then print the words off and stick them on your page. I have completed this part but dont know yet if I am going to put it on here as it is a bit personal.
The second part was learning to draw whimsies. You think of a negative issue from your past and then draw some whimsy characters to show how you wish that situation had been instead. Then you add them to your board book which will eventually become a book about honouring yourself.
I have been practising drawing them first in my art journal. When I have done the page in my board book I will post it on here.
practising faces and eyes...having a real problem getting the eyes right!

Getting the skin tones right

And just thought I'd post a journal page I did the other day. The lady is cut out of a magazine, she was really funky so I have not changed her clothes or legs, she was already dressed like that!! The wording says; 'Happiness is where we find it but rarely where we seek it.'
Back to work on my whimsies now, thanks for looking,
Sami x


Jamie said...

Amazing! I love the eyes you've created, they are ful of life.

laurie b said...

you are so dang talented, girl! your whimsy drawings are gorgeous - i want you to draw a whole tribe of them with different names and personalities. the colors on your journal page are mesmerizing. you continually inspire me to do more, better.

LadyBug said...

Great work Sami!!! I'm loving these little whimsy girls! they are so cute!!! and the journal page is amazing!! loving all the colours and the butterfly wings are a treat :)

Carmen said...

I must get started on this - it's going to be so interesting to do alongside the Suzi Blu one I'm doing at the moment. Tonight! I will start tonight!

Yours are amazing!