Saturday, 23 October 2010


This year instead of JYC (journal your christmas) Paige and I have decided to do JOY....Journal our Yule!
We are using ideas that we have done before from JYC and Dec daily but also adding the yule element. It's basically a journal of what we are up to each day throughout december and on the days when we havn't done much we are going to journal about Yule things such as, how to make yule incense, a yule log, the story of the sun king etc.
We started making our journals today. Mine is 6"x4 1/2". I have not put the title on the front cover yet as Im not sure where to put it.

I shamelessly copied Paiges ideas for the pages and the little number tags! On the back of each number tag we are going to do a thought of the day or lesson of the day.

Lots of pretty pages!

My birthday page!!
I had great fun today making this with Paige and my sister (Zoe was making an activities advent calender). Lots of laughter and wonderful pasta for lunch (even without the sauce Paige!!!). I have not done any scrapping since the retreat as I have been busy with the sketchbook project and Tams new FREE course (link on the right, art, heart and healing) so it was nice to get back into it today and make this JOY!!
Sami x


LadyBug said...

I had a great time today creating my book :) Thank you for putting up with me for so long today :) I have just finished adding my dates to each page and am waiting for my GA to dry on my cover page. I'll post tomorrow i think :)

Lorraine said...

nice bright book..its nice to have a break from sketching as i find it quite hard work with all the concentration

Sarah said...

Wow! Looks like you ladies were super busy yesterday ;0) Looks fantastic. I cannot wait to get started with mine. xx

krissilugbill said...

what an adorable book! sounds like fun and those pages are just so awesome, can't wait to see what you fill it with! :)

krissilugbill said...
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Carmen said...

It's fab and what a great twist on the theme. Love the idea of all the stories.

Know what you mean - after an absence of anything arty crafty whatsoever - I'm getting organised and making time and it's surprising how great it feels :)