Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The sketchbook project

I have ummed and ahhed over putting my sketchbook project work on my blog but as this is what im spending most of my time doing at the moment I have decided to post them. I would really value your opinions on what I have done so far. I have struggled with this project. I had just reached a point in my art journalling where I was able to just 'do it' and not worry about how it turned out, to be able to just enjoy creating art and let it flow, and then I started this and back came all the insecurities...people are going to look at this (hopefully!) so I had to get it right, it had to be perfect, and it's taken me back to square one again! I am trying really hard not to be precious with it and there are a couple of pages I am really not happy with but I am going to leave them in.
I chose the theme 'sorry I forgot you' and am doing how I have forgotton who I used to be when I was younger. I decided to help the art work come, that I would write a poem and have that running through out the book...it hasn't quite worked like that as my poem is only 8 verses long so that has only given me 8 pages of work! I don't know yet how I will continue with it, should I write another poem or just do random stuff for the rest of the book???
The front cover
Could have been better, but I was struggling to start the book so just slapped some paint on to help get me going!

First page
The mirror frame is cardboard that I triple embossed then stamped into.

2nd page
Acrylic paint, masks, glimmer mists and pen. The first verse of the poem reads;
' Sorry I forgot you
in a dusty corner of my mind,
it was easier to leave you there
where I didn't hear your cries'

3rd page
Drawing, stamping, acrylic paint, water colour crayons and pencils
' Your relentless screams for freedom
used to echo through my head
so I shoved you even further back
and played deaf, blind and dead.'

4th page
water colour crayons for the background, acrylic and pencils for the drawing
'I hear you only sometimes now,
when I'm feeling far from whole,
you send me visions to my dreams,
that rip apart my soul.'

5th Page
acrylic paint background, collage, stamps, pen and pencils
' I hate to think you're lonley
feeling all confused and lost,
I've hidden other things with you,
and believe me it has cost.'

6th page
acrylic paint, pens, glimmer mist
' My confidence resides with you,
my looks and youth as well,
my hopes and dreams are also there,
first loves and kiss and tells'.

7th page
acrylic paint, water colour pencils, newspaper
' My innocence and childlike ways,
the sparkle in my eyes,
the ability to give my all
and hurtful truths and lies.'

8th page
acrylic paint, mask, ink, pen
' I do sometimes check in on you,
to make sure that you're ok
and I know its awfully cruel of me
to keep you locked away'.

And thats as far as I have got! I have one more verse of poem to do and will then have to thing about how to continue the book.
I have tried to vary my style on every page using all the stuff I have learnt so far on my art journalling journey.
Thanks for looking,
Sami x


Teresa said...

Hi Sam I think these are brilliant, very moving, thought provoking and deep, just like you! Well done keep going.

laurie b said...

oh my gosh, sam, these are beautiful! i am blown away by how much detail you put into every page. the poem is so thought-provoking - i think i've forgotten someone, as well. i just want to get my hands on your book so i can study it up close. your cover is very intriguing and inviting - mine is still blank! i can't wait to see the rest of your book.

Kim Mailhot said...

Sam, these pages are really really amazing ! And the poem, is so honest and deep as well. The combination really touches my heart deep inside. You have used your art journal for that healing stuff that it is so good for ! Brava to you !

Sarah said...

Absolutely brilliant Sam. I'd been hoping you'd put some pictures on here to see. Your poem is really touching. I think it speaks of something we all feel to a degree, especially as women, as we lose so much of ourselves to other people (and to our life experiences) as we get older. I love your honesty in your art. Thank you for sharing xxx

Jamie said...

What an amazing project!

LadyBug said...

Sam you know how I feel about your Art Journalling!!! it's Amazing!!!!! you are such a gifted artist and really shouldn't doubt your work! I'm sure you will get loads of texts once this is finished and can be checked out to look at by the public.

sorayaquartz said...

Sam this is fantastic, i love all the art work and the poem made me a little teary eyed. Love you zoe x

Carmen said...

Sam, I've said this over and over to people that I've seen doing this project. I really don't know how you can put your heart and soul on these pages... and then send them away! You are an amzing artist with amazing talent and these pages are fantastic. I completely relate to them and would LOVE to see them up close so the people in that exhibition are lucky, lucky people!

Thank you for sharing :)