Monday, 18 October 2010

Art, heart and healing!

Today was the start of a brand new FREE course run by Tam over at (button on the right). The course is 4 weeks and will cover backgrounds, portraits, altering a childrens board book and making an empathy monster, plus loads of tips and techniques!
I followed the video instructions to make this page today.
First we wrote on the left hand side any negative feelings we had about our art or ourselves. We looked at the reasons why we felt those things and once we had accepted why, we covered up all that negativity with gesso! Then the video took you step by step through drawing a self portrait, colouring it and shading it (I so wish I did look like this!), then we worked on the background using lots of different techniques and layers including stamps and brayering. Then we chose a positive phrase to put on the left hand side and one word to sum everything up which was written under the right eye on the portrait.
Although my ladies face is a little wonky I am really pleased with it! I love the colours on her face but maybe needed to blend a little bit more. Overall I was really impressed with the amount of things I learned from this first video and recomend everyone to go and check out the course!
Sami x


sorayaquartz said...

Another fab page sami. Well done. Cant wait to see it all finished. Love you x

thekathrynwheel said...

Wowee! I really love your portrait page :-)
In answer to your question on my blog (sorry, I couldn't find an e-mail link). I don't think the new stamps are out of stock at Art from the Heart - I think they are so new they are not on the website yet! Keep looking, I'm sure you'll se them on the website soon. Kate x

laurie b said...

sounds like a great class and you are obviously a good student. :-) i am involved in so many classes and projects right now that i can't allow myself to even be tempted by one more.
in response to the question you left on my blog, i am going to use my collage pieces to make some holiday decorations. i promise to post my final products, if i ever get them done, that is!!!

Carmen said...

Oh I'm so definitely checking this out. I signed up last week but poopy pants PC has been not playing nice and then I forgot all about it but will amend that! Love your pages and the portrait is stunning - love her (you!) and all the colours you used. Hmm. I only have transparent gesso - I wonder if it will still work.

Sherry said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment on my whimseys. I couldn't resist coming to see you, and am so glad I did - all your art work is beautiful - your portrait is lovely as is the background. It really is a fantastic course and I'm so glad I joined x