Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My whimsy page

Here is my whimsy page, 2nd week of Tams course over at willowing and friends. I am not very happy with it. I drew the whimsies onto cartridge paper as I didnt have any watercolour. They looked really good on the white paper and then for some reason when I have cut them out and put them in the board book they look really washed out! They took me two evenings to do as well!!
Never mind, I enjoyed doing them and learnt new techniques!
Sami x


Sarah said...

Hiya Sam,

They are brilliant ;0) I wish I could draw like that. You are far too harsh with yourself. I think they are fantastic.

I love to see your artwork on here. Its all very inspirational. I cannot wait to get back to normal crafting and not constantly worrying about convention crafting and the like.


LadyBug said...

LOving this little group of friends they look somewhat familiar ;) should they???

laurie b said...

i love your group of whimsy girls! they are each unique but look like they belong together.

Jamie said...

So lovely Sam!

Carmen said...

I think they are gorgeous - I agree with Sarah. You are WAY to hard on yourself.

Love the colours you've used with them.

Lorraine said...

they dont look washed out to me..I think they re really good

Sherry said...

Your whimsys are FABULOUS!! I don't think they look washed out and they are integrated so well with the lovely background.