Monday, 26 March 2012

Rocking your world Friday and Five for Friday

Hello! Late again for this post, I know! I just have not been able to keep up these last weeks and I have no idea why!
Anyway, just a short rocking post as I am off to the dentist again in a minute!

This week I am grateful/thankful for...
* Mothers day and my wonderful children. Mothers day did not get off to a great start in our house, the kids forgot they were going to make me breakfast in bed and then both forgot to say happy mothers day when I got up!! Never mind, they made up for it by baking me a wonderful cake!

And they bought me this beautiful chalkboard and a dragonfly paperweight.

Hubby bought me a bunch of flowers and cooked the dinner in the evening! All in all, a wonderful day!

* It was the spring equinox this week, or as we call it-Ostara. I got together with my Pagan friends to celebrate the return of the light. We blessed our spirit dolls and planted seeds for each with a wish for the coming year. As our seeds grow so will our wishes manifest.

* At the friendship group this week we made things with silk flowers. My volunteer had bought 16 bunches of silk flowers in a closing down sale so we made headbands, candle rings and decorations with them. We all had a great time and nobody wanted to pack up when the session was over so we are going to carry on this week!

* Watching my daughter Bea practise for her hip hop exam! She has come on in leaps and bounds the last few months and I was really impressed with her. We spent an hour going over all her moves for the exam as she is quite nervous about it, I know she will do great, this is her level 3 so shes done it twice before.

*Watching Bea and Caleb have a dance off on the Wii and Caleb beating Bea! She was not impressed with this as she said 'I am the dancer in the family Caleb!'. But Caleb has been sneakily practising in breakfast club at school and we were all quite shocked when he won! He normally looks like some sort of demented octopus when he plays 'Just dance'!

*I have been re reading the Twilight series this week and thoroughly enjoying it! It may not be great literature but I definately class it as one of my all time favourites.

*My dogs. They are so loving and enjoy nothing better than curling up on the sofa with me for cuddles. Willow has been poorly this week and we had to take her to the vets, I was quite worried about her but it's only a urinary tract infection. She has got some tablets and is looking better already. I don't know what I would do without my dogs if anything happened to one of them, they are a part of the family. They both have such different personalities- Willow is a princess, she always has an air about her, so prim and proper and Oakley is such a nutcase, whizzing around, unable to sit still for five minutes and always walking into things and banging his head! I am also grateful for the vets this week for squeezing Willow in on saturday when they were full.

I am sure I have lots of other gratefuls but as I was so busy in the week I didn't write them down as I normally do and can't remember, and the dentist is calling me...urgh!
I am linking this up with Virginia and will catch up with your posts after the dreaded dentist.

Also, here is my Five for Friday post for the challenge over at Lauries Blog. Last week it was your favorite five green things. This was alittle harder than I thought But I found my five!

I used scrapbooking paper, washi tape, alphas and a flower and then sprayed the whole thing with some Dylusions ink sprays.

Sami x


LadyBug said...

Nice to see you using some scrapping papers again ;) good to read that Little Willow is improving. I hope she is all better soon give her a hug from her nanny. Hopfully I'll get to pop over sometime this week for a coffee? see you Weds for hooky club LLx

laurie said...

i'm glad you had a nice mother's day. that cake looks delish! everytime i see one of your fff lists i think "why didn't i think of that one!" :-) the spray you used just makes the whole page pop!

Sarah said...

Don't worry, my kids were fairly useless re Mothers Day too - all three forgot, so I didn't get any cards, the youngest though redeemed himself by cashing in some of his oh so precious Microsoft points to buy me some cool clothes and accessories for my X Box avatar :) (I should have put that on my Friday post actually, might edit it in later)

The 21 year old remembered at about 10 to midnight and mumbled a quick "happymothersday" in passing - and the 20 year old never remembered at all :)

But luckily it's not an event that we make a grand fuss about in our house so I wasn't offended - and as you saw on my own FYWF post I had a fab day that day regardless :)

Love your chalkboard! and the cake looks yummy :)

I'm not one for religion of any sort really, but I really like the idea of celebrating the return of the light at the Spring equinox - lovely!

Had to smile at the thought of geeky son beating street dancer daughter on Just Dance - I bet she was well fed up :D

Hope the dentist visit wasn't too icky and love your green list page - so vibrant

Have a good week!

Virginia said...

Wow for a speedy post that had lots in it! Glad your kids managed to recover the beginning of Mothering Sunday - the cake looks fabulous!

Will keep fingers and toes crossed for your daughter Hip Hop exam!

Giggled at the thought of your son beating her on Just Dance on the Wii though LOL!

The chalkboard is gorgeous too!

I love the idea of growing a seed with your wish and watching it manifest, it's lovely to see other peoples faiths so thank you for sharing!

I hope you continue to have a beautiful and blessed week and I hope that the dentist wasn't too difficult for you!

Don't stress about being late for rocking your world posts - when you get chance is just fine!


AJ said...

Hi Sami
Someone started a game of blog tag and I tagged you! You can see my blog for more info – there is absolutely no obligation to play along (I know you are busy), but I love your blog and your positive attitude and just wanted to share it with others.
Big love