Sunday, 1 April 2012

Rocking your world friday

Hello! Its that time of the week again to think about all your positives and link them up with Virginia

 So, this week....

* The wonderful sunshine. I have been able to hang my washing on the line instead of putting it on the radiators and turning my heating on, even when it's not cold. I hate to waste money on the heating just to dry the clothes so the last couple of weeks have been great and I always love the smell of sun dried clothes!

* Making Tiffin with Shelby last Saturday morning. I have not made this in forever and forgotton how good it is.

* Sitting on the back door step drinking my morning cup of tea. Watching the birds in the garden and watching my dogs trying to get the bread for the birds off the table.

* Sitting with Bella on my lap, stroking her huge puppy belly. She is just nearly 7 weeks now and her belly is huge and round with her's and Oakleys babies. P told me yesterday that they are moving around now so I can't wait to feel that! And I am really looking forward to being at the birth, even though P has scared me with some yucky things I may have to do!!!

* I have been asking my hubby for 2 months to find a song for me, that makes him think of me-weird? Maybe, but I love music, love the way a song can take you back to a certain point in time or stir up the emotions and really make you feel something. Other couples have songs and we don't really, so I wanted a special song from him. He finally chose one (he said he'd taken so long as he wanted it to be perfect! Aw!) and that has made my week.

*Drive by cake drop offs! What a wonderful idea and I am sure P could make a fortune with this one! P had made cakes and posted that fact on FB! So everybody was asking her for cake and at 3pm there was a knock at the door and a foil package was handed to my hubby. When he brought it in it was 4 slices of chocolate cake, one for each of us! Thank you P!!!

* Shelby had her Hip Hop exam on Thursday. She was really nervous as were Dawns kids, Mara and Lucy who were doing it as well. While they were in their exam Dawn and me went for coffee, browsed the charity shop for books and then went and bought pizza and ice cream as a treat tea for the girls which we then took back to mine and cooked. It was lovely to spend quality time with Dawn, we have been friends since we were 10 yrs old and our kids are great friends as well.But we never seem to get much time together what with work and everything, so an afternoon off together was great. The girls will have to wait 6 weeks for their results so fingers crossed.

* Shelby got a 'postcard' home from the science department at school saying how great she's done this term and what an outstanding result she got in her assesment...sort of made her feel better about Caleb beating her on just dance now it turns out shes a science nerd too!

* Caleb got an A* on his french oral GCSE-go Caleb!

* I am grateful for antibiotics this week as I have got an infection in my tooth, more trips to the dentist!

* I finally spent the last of my Xmas money (I can't believe I have managed to keep hold of it until the end of March!) on this book from Amazon. I have read great reviews about it and have been waiting patiently for it to come out. Hopefully it will be here this week.

* I am looking forward to two weeks spent with the kids. It will probably just involve time in the garden or walking the dogs as it costs so much to do anything over here, but if the weather holds it should be a nice break.

Well, thats my positives for another week. I am sure there were loads more but I keep forgetting to write them down in the week. I have still been a bad blogger this week as I have had so much work to do that I just have not found the time for anything computer related. I still need to do Lauries Five for Friday, 2 weeks worth now-I am keeping track of them laurie and I WILL catch up!

Thanks for looking
Sami x


Carmen said...

Well now. Wow what a list. Am so with you on the line washing and the heater washing.

Great news all round with your gorgeous kids. I love getting those postcards home ;)

You'll have to let me know what you think of that book, it's on my wishlist too and I still have an Amazon voucher from my birthday that I've been sitting on my hands not to spend.

It's lovely to come by and visit you Sam, thanks for your messages lately. Hope you have a lovely week x

Virginia said...

Awesome list sweetie. Will keep fingers and toes crossed on the hip hop exam, glad you spent time with an old friend and had a catch up1

Loving the fact school sent a postcard - great idea!

Let us know what you think of the book and WTG you spreading the Christmas pressie longer!

I too am loving the hung on the washing line smell of all the newly washed linen - brilliant stuff - long may it continue!

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead!


Sarah said...

cake delivery???? that's it, I'm moving to the island :D

look forward to hearing what you think of the book, I've been meaning to buy that one myself but haven't got around to it yet

I'm dying to know what song your hub chose :)

have a great week!

LadyBug said...

JUst think a whole two weeks of fun with the science nerds..... cake deliveries....Crystal shopping, and at the end for the holiday a delivery of puppies. The Easter holidasy are going to ROCK!!!!!! Px

laurie said...

you have such a full, rich life, sam! i'm glad you take a moment each week to reflect on all that is good. the lists will wait. :-)

Sherry Edwards said...

I just stopped by Sam to wish you a Happy Easter if you celebrate it! Otherwise a happy break with your family xx