Friday, 27 April 2012

Rocking your world Friday

Hello Friday rockers!
I didn't get a chance to post last week and this post may be quite short..I am failing at time management the last few weeks!
Anyhow, if you are wondering what this is all about, check out our host, Virginia's blog.
Its the time of the week to list all your gratefuls.

* Spending the afternoon on Sunday hunting the beaches for sea glass so we could make these mobiles on Monday. It was cold, raining, but the joy of finding all the beautiful sea glass was worth it!
 We found the inspiration over on pinterest here.
I was really pleased with how it turned out.

* Photos of my kids. I have loads of photos going up my stairs of the kids and family members. Sometimes I just pause on the stairs and really look at them! I found myself doing that this week and it made me smile!

*My Hubby. I am in my moody/stroppy/tired week and the stress with my job has been really getting me down the last few weeks, but as always he is there. He is not a man of  many words but his actions are normally spot on! So a big thank you to him for understanding my stroppiness, cooking the dinner last night as I just couldn't be bothered and for not going bowling so I could go and help a friend. You are amazing.

*Taking part in my first ever pair journal. I am very excited about this.

 This is the front cover of the journal I made for it.

 The first page

 The second page.
I am hoping that this journal gets my mojo going again.

* I am grateful for some exciting opportunities that may be coming my way. I am grateful that I recognised the signs that I was sent and that my thoughts and hopes were answered. I now just need to act on them.

* Caleb got an A* in his biology exam, so proud of him.

 * At group this week, Luz's husband came in and showed us how to make traditional Paella. It took 2 1/2 hrs but he was a total pro and the results were amazing! Big thank you to John for doing this for us!

(there's always one photo that blogger flips around and wont let me put back the right way!)

* Grateful for my health, my family, my wonderful kids and great friends. Grateful for what I have in my life right now and the fact that even though things sometimes pull me down I have the ability to recognise exactly what I have in my life.

That's it for this week as I have to rush out the door now. I will catch up with everyones rocking post on Monday as I am out and about all weekend.
Thanks for looking,
Sam x


Joanna said...

Your sea glass hanger is beautiful, well worth the time hunting on a wet beach! Well done to Caleb, his hard work is paying off and you must be so proud of him. Wonderful that exciting opportunities are coming your way, lots of positive wishes coming your way from me :o)

The start to your journal is gorgeous, I particularly like the 'what goes around comes around' Karma page. Brilliant.

I hope life calms down a bit for you so you have time to 'smell the roses'.


Virginia said...

the sea glass hanger is indeed gorgeous - well done for you putting up with the miserable weather to get the objects you needed. Loving your journal - can't wait to see how it progresses - I need to do the same!

I hope your weekend is beautiful and blessed - hugs as always

craftattack said...

Love your sea-glass hanger, it is really beautiful. Congrats to Caleb on his good mark! Enjoy making your journal, it is great! Hugs, Valerie

AJ said...

Another great post Sam, your positivity is inspiring. I love your sea glas mobile and your journal is beautiful. Good for you for seeing through the stress and finding the wonderful things to be grateful for.
Big love
AJ :-)

Carmen said...

Beautiful art, both the hanger and the journal - yes you and Paige DEFINITELY need to start up shop together!

Well done Caleb and hubby!

I hope your job starts to get a bit less stressful for you Sam. Am intrigued at your positive vibes!

Sabrina said...

Well the sea glass mobile is it a hit! Everyone loves it including me! Stunning! Great journaling pages (and covers). You sound busy but are still accomplishing so much with your crafting! Way to go!

Sabrina said...

Well the sea glass mobile is it a hit! Everyone loves it including me! Stunning! Great journaling pages (and covers). You sound busy but are still accomplishing so much with your crafting! Way to go!

LadyBug said...

When's our next crafty get together misses? We really need to make our dream catchers :) I so enjoyed making the seaglass mobiles they look so good!!! loving the first pages of the new journal looking forward to seeing how it grows :) Px

Sherry Edwards said...

Wow Sam, your beach combing came up trumps with all that glorious sea glass - love what you made with it!

Your journal is looking great too - love the patterns and colours.

Hope you have a great week xx

Sarah said...

LOVE that sea glass mobile - love it love it love it. Did I mention I loved it??? :)

I wish I lived anywhere near a beach lol - will have to remember to go hunting for sea glass next time I visit my ma in law in Dorset.

And your pair journal is stunning.

oh and a big well done to Caleb :)

I hope your work stresses and strains ease up soon

take care and have a fab week!

Sherry Edwards said...

Me again Sam! Thanks for your comment on little clay body form. I use two different moulds for the faces - one set is called 'Let's Face the World' by Sweetbrier Studio. I bought it at AllyPally a few years back and can't remember which stand it was on. The other moulds are by Sculpey 'Art Doll Faces' again I can't remember where I got them now, but did find them on t'internet - out of stock though by looks of it.

If you'd like some clay faces to have a play with, email me your address and I'll post a few off to you (I usually make a few spares each time I get the clay out). xx

Lorraine said...

I am jealous arent you lucky living near an excellent beach and finding these sea glass pieces..looks fab

Lorraine said...
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