Monday, 19 March 2012

Rocking your world friday

I am a few days late with posting this...sorry! I just have not had any free time this week for blogging or reading other peoples blogs, I will try and catch up as I hate to miss all the wonderful things you have been creating!
This week I am grateful for...

* My wonderful family. It's so easy to get bogged down in day to day stuff and not appreciate all the things your family does for you. I have a wonderful hubby and 2 fantastic kids and I thank my lucky stars everyday for them, I don't know what I would do without them. 

* Fantastic friends. I know lots of people but only have a few good friends, but they are definately the best friends a girl could have! It's so great to know that you have people that will always be there for you, to cheer you up when you are sad, make you laugh and who you can always be yourself with.

* On monday Miss LL (Paige) and Tee and myself got together to make spirit dolls. I found the original idea here and then adapted it to suit us, making my own doll pattern in the iconic shape of the Goddess. I painted the fabric for all of us first and then we cut out the pattern, added some messages and symbols to the inside of the dolls, added herbs and crystals and stuffed them and embellished them. Although they all have the same embellishments-spirals, stars, hearts, I love how differently they have all turned out and how they each reflect our personalities. (mine is on the left, Miss LL's is in the middle and Tee's on the right). We had a lovely evening together creating these dolls, surrounded by pretty beads, threads and charms!

*On wednesday I went to crochet club which Miss LL has just set up. I can crochet but I am very slow and don't get much done so it was lovely to just go and sit with friends and get some more done on my meditation cushion cover which I am making in ripple stitch. Thanks P!

* Breaking Dawn part 1 came out on monday and I was straight up tesco to buy it at the bargin price of £9! I have watched it twice already this week and then gone back and watched all of them in order. Gotta love Rob Pat..I think it is the intensity in his eyes that pulls me in...ok I've snapped out of it!

*I am grateful for voltorol and co-codamol this week as my tennis elbow flared up again rendering me useless. I am also grateful that thats all it is, I know people suffer with much worse things on a daily basis.

* My daughter came home really pleased with herself on Thursday. She has been doing her mock dance exams as she has her level 3 hiphop exam soon. Her dance teacher told her that she could be a proffessional dancer when she grows up, which really put a smile on Shelby's face. My Bea is such a wonderful little girl but she really suffers with a lack of confidence so I think this gave her a major boost and also made my heart so glad for her.

*My Faith. I don't follow one of the usual faith paths and people can be so judgemental and critical because my faith is something they don't understand...ignorance can be a dangerous and hurtful thing. But my faith brings me great comfort and strength. My life started falling into place once I had chosen my path and I definately became a better person. I know that my actions are my responsibility and that makes me more aware of how I act. Making the spirit dolls on monday with 'my family' brought me such joy, combining my faith and my creative abilities.

* I had a great Reiki share session on wednesday. The lady that runs it took us right back to basics again and I was ashamed at how many things I had forgotton. We did some one on one Reiki wich was amazingly powerful and left me de stressed and relaxed.

* The sunshine has been about this week making it a little warmer, although we still had a ground frost last night. The buds on the Hawthorn hedges are emerging and I caught the robins in my garden 'doing it' yesterday so spring is definately on its way!

I am linking this up with Virginia so why not pop over and see whats been rocking everybodys week?
Sami x


craftattack said...

Glad there were a lot of good things in the week. LOVE those spirit dolls - do you have a pattern for them? Hugs, Valerie

Sherry Edwards said...

I always enjoy the little peek into your world Sam. Congratulations to your daughter, who knows, one day she may be on Strictly Come Dancing!
Your Spirit Dolls are fabulous - something I'd love to make too. Hope your painful arm has eased now xx

Joanna said...

LOVELY Rocking post, Sam. The spirit dolls are fantastic, I love the colours and style of them. I bet you 3 had fun making them. What a great confidence booster for Shelby, maybe she'll start believing in herself now. I hope your tennis elbow clears up quickly, it must be so debilitating.

Wishing you a great week, shared with your good friends and family.


laurie said...

your spirit dolls certainly lifted my spirit by just being so uniquely there (as we all should be.)

Sarah said...

Glad you have had, in the main, despite your elbow pain, a good week

Love the goddess dolls, gorgeous colours and the way the colours fade together, sounds like you had fun with your pals making them

Big high 5 to Shelby, is she in a dance crew?

and I did have to giggle at the idea of you surprising two embarrassed robins when you caught them in flagrante! :D

hope you have a great week

Virginia said...

You sound like you've had the kind of week I could do with - Reiki session, spirit dolls, feeling your Faith path is just right for who you are, making meditation cushions, spending time with real friends - I am officially green with envy - but I'm so glad that you had positive to make your rocking your world post and I hope this one is also truly blessed for you! Much love


LadyBug said...

What a wonderful post Miss LLB. Last week really was a good one!!! lets hope you have many many more like it, but without the arm and shoulder pains please ;) I'm looking forward to our next crafty evening :) Miss LLxx

craftattack said...

Sounds like a good week, except for the pains - hope your elbow will soon calm down again. Love the spirit dolls, I will make one as soon as I have finished by clearing-out-of-cupboards marathon! Take care, hugs, Valerie