Friday, 9 March 2012

Rocking your world friday and Five for friday

Hello Friday rockers!
Its that time of the week again to find all the positive stuff that rocked your week!
If you don't know what I am talking about pop over to Virginia's blog and check it out!

 *On Saturday I went to my sister's for waffles!She has just bought a waffle maker after the ladies at our retreat brought one with them and treated us to a huge pile of waffles! My sister made waffles with whipped cream, maple syrup and fresh strawberries-delish! She also announced some pretty big news to me...her and her partner are getting married next year! Biggest rocking news of the month! She proposed to him as it was a leap year which I think is so sweet!

 I photographed my 2 kids in their Big Bang Theory t-shirts on Saturday so I could do a little page in my journal.I love my little N.E.R.D's (not even remotely dorky!) so much!!!

 Also on Saturday I went with my sister while she got her tattoo done. She wanted a dandelion clock but couldn't find one she liked so I drew this one for her as part of her birthday present. It looks really good!

* On Sunday hubby and me went to the cinema to watch This means war. We have not been out together in sooooo long so we had a lovely evening and the film was really funny.

* On Monday I had to buy a new office chair as two wheels fell off my other one. I also bought a bright pink filing cabinet for all my work files and spent a happy 2 hours filing everything, sad but true!

* Tuesday afternoon was spent with my sister discussing wedding plans. We both could not believe the cost of getting married in this day and age! They don't want a big fancy wedding as they have both done that before, they just want to go to the registry office and then have a BBQ and a party, but the price of hiring somewhere to hold a party and BBQ left us reeling. Its a challenge now to come up with a beautiful day for them as cheap as we can!!!

* Wednesday was a horrible day, work rubbish still going on and driving me insane..I hate politics and petty behaviour! The only positive I found for today was watching my little robin in the garden eating the fruit cake crumbs I put out for him! I tried to get a photo but every time I reached for my camera he flew away.

* Thursday started off bad when I got a phone call from the school to say my son had had an accident in PE and could I go and collect him and take him to A&E as he'd split his chin open and they thought it needed stitching. I rang my friend Tee who is head nurse at A&E to see if she was at work, she was at home but she came and picked me up, collected my son and then glued and steri stripped his wound! What an amazing friend she is, thanks so much Tee! My son is fine, just another scar to add to the collection!
Then we had parents evening that night. Isn't it so nice to hear wonderful things about your children?! His teachers are all so impressed with him, his natural abilities, his hardworking ethics, his A* grades in all his subjects, it was so lovely for him that his teachers recognise all his hard work and effort and lovely for me to hear great stuff about him. His science teachers said they know they are going to be seeing his name all over the scientific world in about ten years time!!! (I know, I'm boasting now but I am such a proud mummy so please forgive me!)

* And today, I have just been given a really generous donation of gardening equipment for my ladies group so they can start their allotment. My next door neighbour and my father in law between them have given us, forks, spades, hoes, rakes, shears, seeds, twine, plant feeder, trowels and much more! It is so wonderful to encounter such generosity when the news is always so full of doom and gloom.
Also this week, Paige is fairly certain that The union of Bella and Oakley has been fruitful and that Bella is going to have puppies! Way to go Bella and Oak's, especially as Paige outed Oak's on Facebook when he didn't get straight to business!!!!

So that was my rocking week, and a really good one it was too!

Here are a couple of AJ pages I have done over the last 2 weeks...can you tell that work was peeing me off!

 My graffiti on this one leaves a lot to be desired, maybe I need to ask Sarah (Flo) for lessons!!!

 Really enjoyed layering up loads of circles for this one. Doing art in my journal always manages to calm me down and help take some of the stress out of the situation for me!

And this is last weeks Five for Friday challenge over at Lauries blog
The challenge was list your five favourite books, and that was way to hard for me to list just five so I did five books in three different categories so I could list more!!!

I will come and have a looky at all your rocking posts over the weekend as I have to go out to a meeting now.
Sami x


Joanna said...

Silly stuff at work sucks, doesn't it?! I've had some of that too this week, and all I can think is, "I want to go home and do some arting stuff!" I hope it clams down for you.

Lovely happy list today, some really rocking stuff there. Congratulations to your sister and her fella, good for her to ask him! Glad to hear your injured boy will be ok. I've never had 'the call' from school, I think I'd panic!

I loved your journal pages (particularly all those circles). Your Fab 5 was interesting. I too am an avid reader and, when we first got together, persuaded my husband to be one too. My daughter is a reader but my son just can't be bothered to invest the time needed to get the enjoyment out of a book. I'm hoping that one day he will, because I get so much pleasure from reading.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,


Virginia said...

Loving your list, finding those positives all through the week, even when work hassles are causing you grief. Loving the tattoo that your sister had - and what a fabulous piece of art hun!

Loving that you are able to share the positives from parents evenings and I think every parent has the right to shout out about how awesome their kids are - so don't ever apologise for that!

Loving your art journal pages by the by the way - a great way to resolve emotions!

Congrats on getting donations for the allotment - brill stuff.

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend!


craftattack said...

Wow! A full week, waffles and such gorgeous journal pages! Glad your son didn't hurt himself too seriously, thank God that kids are tough! Have a good weekend, Hugs, Valerie

Carmen said...

Where to start? Where to start. What a fabulous week - the tattoo is design is stunning. You are rightly proud of your son as you should be - both your kids are amazing!

I love that Big Bang page :D Sheldon is the best one anyway ;)

Loving all your gorgeous journal pages - I especially like the overlaid letters on the circle one.

Have an amazing week ahead Sam x

Lynette (NZ) said...

Lots to love in this post...especially love the dandelion clock that you drew...and that circular page - awesome. Have a wonderful weekend

BadPenny said...

Super post - love the Tat ! Be proud about Parents' eve - I used to come away glowing with pride too ! Even now as teenagers they do me proud !
I love your calming circles & the waffles sound scrummy !

laurie said...

you have been busy this week! i love hearing about all your ups and downs - we all have them, don't we?! your fff page is so fun to look at and contains so much! i wrote down a few of your titles on my own list of "must reads" as i am always on the look out for good books.
you asked me about my tattoo awhile ago but i couldn't find your email address to answer. it is a "black bird" (like my blog) but i actually got it because i love the poem "wild geese" by mary oliver.
have a wonderful weekend!

Sarah said...

evening, Sam, hope you are enjoying your weekend

I LOVE Caleb's collection of BBT t-shirts, I only have one, I have some catching up to do :)

and you be a proud mummy all you like :)

love the tattoo you designed for your sister too, really pretty and one of a kind

office politics are the worst, hopefully things will calm down in that respect soon

I think that brick wall art journal page you did is brilliant, very strong, and really gets the point across. I don't think you need graffiti tips at all, it looks ace.

and that circle on the 2nd journal page where you have stamped all those letters to make the circle outline - LOVE that

oh and... here's a Korn video for you ;)

have a great week!


Sherry Edwards said...

Wow, what an eventful week Sam! I'm glad you son's ok, and congratulations to your sister - how exciting. I'm sure you'll come up with something wonderful and in budget - a great challenge.

Your journaling pages look amazing as usual, what a fabulous inspiration you are xx