Saturday, 4 February 2012

Calendar challenge and Rocking your world friday

Hello! Its February already, time just seems to be flying by!
Here are my pages for the calendar challenge over at Kates blog. Why don't you pop over and see what everyones been up to?

 Completed Jan page

 Feb page. I used Dylusions paints and ink sprays, crafters workshop stencils and texture paste and some stamps. I am keeping with the positive affirmation/quotes for this years calendars. I wanted to put little birds on this month as there have been so many birds in my garden this month, singing away as if spring is on its way!

Right, on to Rocking my world.
My Daughter has perked up a bit this week but still has such a hacking cough, and the full on cold hit me this week so I have felt quite poorly. So I am thankful for Sudafed spray so that I could actually breath and Meltus cough medicine for helping to relieve the chesty cough!


I am thankful to my wonderful Pagan family this week and for being part of a beautiful Imbolc celebration on Wednesday....even if our sky lanterns would not fly because it was to cold and windy!
These people really are my second family, people I can always count on and turn to.


I am thankful for Stu winning at his bowling league this week. We had a bit of a row over the cost of his new bowling balls that he HAD to have and I told him he better win every week now to make them worth it!


I was really proud of my son Caleb this week when he came home with a student of the week certificate. He had been nominated by his french teacher for getting an A* in his french oral GCSE just weeks into his course. He won a WHSmith gift card and had to go and tell the headteacher all about his work.


Thankful to my sisters partner for ringing me yesterday to let me know that Morrisons had PS3's on offer for £150. It is Calebs Birthday today (15th) and he has been saving up since before xmas for a PS3. He asked everyone for money for his B-day and was hoping to have reached his £249 goal so he could go and buy one. I let him open a couple of his cards last night so that he enough money to go and buy one before they sold out!


I am grateful that we have a roof over our heads and a good central heating is soooo cold here! When I hear of people dying from the cold weather it makes me so thankful for what we have. I still have to sit in my craft room with my dressing gown on over my clothes, a scarf and gloves on as there is no heating out there, but the rest of the house is warm!


I have finally packaged up all my affirmation cards and taken them over to Tracy at The Lotus Tree to sell. She has also taken my prints and a couple of original canvas's.

 These are the cards, all ready to go
 I made little clay charms to hang on the bags, popped an instruction card inside and a few sparkles in each pack.
I put them in a wooden tray and wood burnt on the front of it with my name and logo.

Well, quite a few weeks that rocked this week, I am really enjoying looking for all the positives in my week! Pop over to Virginia's blog to find out what rocked everyone elses week.
Sami x


Milla said...

I just love your February page! The colours are gorgeous as are the birds and the flowers.
Your affirmation card bags look lovely too :)

Virginia said...

That's a fantastic rocking post, I'm sorry that you've been poorly but glad you've managed to get some relief from over the counter medicines Also glad others in the household are starting to feel better.

Loving those aspirations cards, they are fantastic, do you sell them online anywhere?

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend

Much love


Anonymous said...

Hello, I really like your calender pages, and it's good to meet a fellow art journaler from the IOW.
Big love

Anesha said...

Love your Feb pages, wonderful colours and the background is super.

laurie said...

i am really loving your calendar pages! when i finally catch up (or retire, whichever comes first!) i'm going to make one of my own. your display for the cards you made is so attractive - i would definitely buy one. or two. :-) or more.

craftattack said...

Beautiful calendar pages and cards and you seem to have had an interesting week, you must be proud of your son! Hugs, Valerie

Joanna said...

Ugh, sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. I hope you feel better soon.

I REALLY like your February pages, I could sit and look at them for ages. Those paints are stunning, I might have to get myself a few of them...... :o)

Your affirmation cards look WONDERFUL! Well done you - the box looks fab, the bags perfect, and the little charms brilliant. You are so clever.

Well done Caleb, what a star. I hope he likes his PS3, what a bargain!

Have a lovely week Sam, and thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.


Carmen said...

Apart from the illness, what an amazing week. Your cards look fabulous Sam, really gorgeous.

Well done Caleb on the French - and yay to getting a PS3. I know how hard it is for them to save but they so appreciate it all the more don't they?

Hope you feel better soon. x x x

Sarah said...

Oh don't your affirmation cards look great all packaged up, I am sure they will be popular

I hope Caleb enjoys his new PS3

oh - and to answer your question on my blog - the tattoo took two 5 hour sessions. worth it though :)

Carol said...

I like the colour on your page, I like birds and the sentimants, all of it.

Sara Jansen said...

Sam-your pages are A-Mazing!! The colors, texture, values--all of it. Just inspiring...and affirmations are really important. Years ago I heard Oprah of all people talking about taking a moment at the end of the day to be thankful for all she had. I started doing that and it really makes me appreciate ... well, the most important things. Family; creativity; beauty. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Sandra Hall said...

Great pages Sam - February is particularly stunning! Your cards look very interesting too - gorgeously packed in those little bags :D

krisandkreate said...

Fabulous. Very vibrant colours to cheer you up. You look like you keep very busy crafting x

Crafty mop said...

Love your pages for jan and feb ......the quotes are really good .....I struggle with good quotes x

Caro said...

Awesome colour combo!

Liz (Chubby Frog) said...

Wow, love your pages. The February one looks amazing. Did you put the squares on and then decorate the page? It all looks so co-ordinated and flowing.
Liz B

LadyBug said...

what a great week! and thise cards look wonderful! So prud of C getting an A* in his GSCE's and at just 14!!! well done!! Popping around in a bit for some fun with the dogs! hopefully!!!!! ;) Px

Marjie Kemper said...

Your pages are fantastic.... LOVE the colors and stamping, especially that super quote. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments. Have a great day!


Beautiful calendar pages, love the vibrancy of dylusions inks. Hope the cold is on it's way out, I have a pregnant friend who is desperate to avoid being I'll, I don't have the heart to tell her it is much worse when you are ill and coping with a baby / toddler all day on your own. Love bargains and how brilliant for your son :) wonder what your son will spend his whsmiths voucher on?!

jeanie g said...

Love your calendar page and your affirmation cards are brilliant. Where are you selling them on the island, I don't live there but my SIL lives in Ventnor. She would love them too. Thanks for your visit to my Blog too.

lena-dailyscrap said...

Beautiful pages! Love the colours and the masking.

Lynette (NZ) said...

I liked your January pages, but there is just something about February that is WOW.

ally said...

Amazing and inspiring pages

patcrafts said...

I love both your calendar pages such gorgeous bright colours and brill affirmations.

thekathrynwheel said...

Your calendar pages are amazing - such beautiful use of colour. And I love your hand-drawn squares ... keep meaning to try that but it's out of my comfort zone! Sorry it took me a while to get round to visiting - over 100 entries this month! Kate x