Sunday, 29 January 2012

Rocking your world friday

Hello Friday Rockers!
I thought I would really struggle this week to come up with anything that rocked my world as its been a bit of a bad week, but when I sat down to think about it I was amazed at how many things I found, which is the whole point right? Thinking I'd had a bad week when actually there were things that made me smile, made me glad and made my heart a little lighter.
My daughter has been really poorly for nearly two weeks now, it started off as a flu bug thing, high temperature, headache and has progressed this week to a chronic ear infection and now to a chest infection with a cough that absolutely racks her little body. I have had a touch of it although nowhere near as bad as her and now hubby has gone down with it too. But onto the rocking stuff.

Good blogs friends.I have found some amazing people since I started my blog, people that inspire me daily, make me laugh and a couple of really special people who I email regualary now. I had a very generous offer from one of them this week and it really touched me that they would think of me! These wonderful people inspire me to stay motivated and without their wonderful comments on my artwork I know I would have given up the idea of trying to be an artist a long time ago. So thankyou wonderful bloggers!
I attended The Lotus Tree launch party last Saturday night and what a wonderful evening that was. (I designed the logo for these lovely ladies new buisness, a yoga and healing studio). They had a guy called Mike Eastwood open the studio for them , he is a crystal therapist and author of lots of crystal books and crystal cards. He led the whole room in a blessing for the new studio which was lovely, even though Lady P and me were stood right in front of a radiator and thought we might pass out from the heat! There was free champagne and wonderful food and I must admit to leaving there a little tipsy (I don't normally drink so a couple of glasses of fizz and I was well away!). The ladies loved the gift I gave them and I was even mentioned in their thankyou speech, which was so sweet of them.
The car had to go in for its MOT on tuesday. This always cause me a lot of worry as the car is old and always needs something doing to it. I asked the Goddess to please keep it in our price range as we don't have much money, being right after xmas and its my sons birthday next weekend! We waited all day for them to phone with the list of whats wrong and how much, my worrying getting worse as the day went on and my IBS kicking in as well. But when they rang, there were just a few things needing doing and although it was still money we couldn't afford it didn't break the bank this time!
Laying on the sofa with Shelby and watching Disney movies! I always moan about the Disney channel being on but as Bea was so poorly this week I let her watch what she wanted! She asked me to sit with her as she wanted a cuddle so I finished up my work and snuggled up with her under her duvet.We watched geek charming which I actually really enjoyed! American teenage school angst in all its glory!!
My little bags for my affirmation cards finally arrived which has meant I can start packaging them up. I have made little clay charms to hang from the bags and they just need painting and attaching and then I can take them to the Lotus Tree and hopefully people will buy them!

Good friends who will rush over and help me with an excel spreadsheet for my work! I still cant use excel no matter how many times I have been shown!
Seeing all the birds in my garden and hearing their birdsong has really cheered me up this week. Although it has got colder the sun has been shining and the birds are going crazy singing in the hedges of my garden. The daffodill bulbs are pushing their way up and I have seen the first crocus' this week. Imbolc is next week which means the promise of spring is on its way when the fertile Goddess returns to the land. I always feel that there is such promise at this time of year, everything is new and fresh and the cycle is begining again.
So thats my list for this week. I had to think hard but reading it through now, there were so many things that rocked but could have got easily lost this week if I had not had to think about them and make a list. So thank you Virginia, there is always something in your week to brighten it up!
Head over to Virginias blog to join up with other friday rockers.
I hope you all have a good week!
Sami x


Virginia said...

Oh Sami I'm so sorry that you've got poorly people in the house and hope they all get better soon, I too have had a poorly 11 year old this week, but despite his illness we too have spent some quality time together for which I am extremely grateful. Your affirmation cards sound great and the opening of the new Lotus Tree sounds brilliant even if a little warm. I work on excel all the time but even I sometimes need to fathom out a complex sum on there and have to get hubby to help, the other week I'd received one and wanted to understand the sums behind it LOL - I kept reading them over and saying I don't get what it's doing, once fathomed out it made a lot more sense. Glad your car repair bill wasn't too expensive I must admit we always do the same because even a little bit of work costs so much. Hoping for some more springlike days to come in the next week! I hope you have a great week ahead and that all in your household make a full recovery. I'm glad the rocking posts are providing you with the much needed positive slant on what might have been construed as a negative week without a closer inspection.

Much love

craftattack said...

Sounds like you have had a very busy week. Sorry you have been *nursing* too, hope next week will be better! Valerie

Joanna said...

What a brilliant list - well done for picking out the goodies from the boogers! I hope your daughter is feeling better now, although the duvet time sounds precious ;o)

Thank goodness the car didn't need an arm and a leg spent on it, it's always a worrying time, I know.

The opening evening sounds fun, radiator, sparkly and everything!!

Wishing you a lovely week,


LadyBug said...

Oi!!! pack in the Lady thing!!! ;) Or I might withdraw my techi support ;) Pleased you found some good bits to balance out last week. Got some good stuff to look forward to next month as well my C0-Granny ;)

BadPenny said...

What a wonderful post inspite of the downs - so sorry that your daughter has been so poorly & you not 100 %. Vegging out to Disney films sounds great.
Two cars to MOT now as our daughter drives now luckilky this time not too bad ! It's horrible waiting to hear isn't it ?
I'm doing a monthly ATC make on my other Blog

come over and join us !
Your Island craft retreats sound fun & one day I'd love to come.
I've found terriffic support through Blogging friends too x

Sherry Edwards said...

What a lovely post Sam, I'm sorry to hear that your daughter's been so poorly - and the rest of you too. Hope you're all on the mend now though. Some of that teen TV is quite addictive, my niece and nephew like iCarly on Nickleodean and I must admit it's become a bit of a guilty pleasure for me too now!

I must agree with you about all the lovely support we get from other Bloggers - I can't imagine what I'd do without it now!

Take care xx