Saturday, 21 January 2012

Rocking your world friday

Hi Friday rockers! I am late posting as I have been soooo busy this week.
So, what has rocked my world this week?

First off, my wonderful sister who made me a pair of fingerless gloves and a matching hairband with her fab crochet skills.
Going to see Damh the Bard live in Southsea with a wonderful bunch of friends. We have had the tickets booked for ages and were so excited and he didn't let us down!

 Damh the Bard is a pagan folk singer and his music just inspires me so much, it's what I always listen to when I am creating my paintings. You can just get lost in the magic of his words.
It was a wonderful evening and Paige even got him to sign our tickets so we could scrapbook/journal them.

Finding an hour in a very busy week to do a bit of art journalling. Lately I am finding that I spend too much time on pinterest looking at other peoples creativity rather than creating myself!!!
And the reason for my busy week and the most rocking thing of the week, The Equals News Years Party!
The friendship group organised a huge party to celebrate the New Year so its been hectic this week with all the last minute details.
Over 100 people attended last night, from all backgrounds, nationalities and faiths. The members of the group prepared all the food (and there was enough to feed double the guests!), ethnic dishes galore-Indian, Thai, Indonesian, name it we had it! They also put on several cultural dances, making the costumes themselves as well. We even had a guy come last minute with a full on disco for us at no charge...this is the sense of community that this group inspires in people.
There were traditional Indonesian games played and a huge raffle.
Everyone who attended said what a great time they had and we had trouble getting people to leave at the end!
So my huge thanks and appreciation go to this wonderful group of women for all their hard work and commitment.
Its just a pity that I had to spend most of the evening talking to all our VIP guests and promoting the group, instead of letting loose and enjoying the wonderful atmosphere! Oh well, thats my job and its so important to get across to people what we do so we can access future funding.

And lastly, my wonderful children. They were such a big help to me last night with the setting up and tidying up. My son was dragging tables and chairs about, setting everything up and selling raffle tickets and my daughter helped sell tickets on the door and helped some of the younger kids make decorations to take home. I was so proud of them last night ansd loads of people commented on what a credit they are to me, which made me beam with pride. They are such good kids and I thank my lucky stars everyday for them.

I am going to try and link this up at Virgina's blog, but I am still having problems with blogger, some people's blogs I can comment on, others I still can't. Does anyone have a fix for this...let me know!
So thank you to all the people who commented on last weeks post, I managed to read everyones posts but some I could not leave a comment on. Some that I could comment on last week, I can't comment on this week so If You think I havn't been by, I have I just can't tell you how wonderful your posts were!
Sami x


laurie said...

it sounds like you live in such a friendly, inclusive community! so glad your world is "rocking" along. :-)

Virginia said...

HI Sweetie

Glad to see you joining in - wow what a full week - it looks like you had a great time at your New Year party - how awesome to get so many people involved and for your children being recognised as a credit to you!

I love your art journal pages - glad you are managing a bit of creativity for yourself - I can waste hours on pinterest love it but at the same time I also get dragged away from my creativity.

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend


Carmen said...

I absolutely love that journal page you did with the tickets, was that even the envelope they arrived in you've used as well? See, that's how I see a journal going if I ever get properly going... or have I, is that what mine is? Gaargh! The other one has such gorgeous colours as always, can certainly appreciate what you mean about Pinterest ;)

As for your New Year shindig. So many bloggers I follow make me want to up sticks and move nearer them when they talk about where they live. You are one of them.

Have a lovely week Sam x

K said...

What a wonderful sounding party! Having grown up in a fairly tight knit area I do miss that community feel. & well done to you for raising such fabulous children.

On my blog you asked about the boots sale, it's usually on in all boots stores but things go super fast. You may find a few things left, there's 2 by me & both had the same perfume sets & toiletries left on thursday, only 2 different types but loads of them.

I havent done any family learning stuff for about 8 years as I used to do it with my oldest (now 13) but really enjoyed it back then, its actually what got me into cold making which then led onto scrap booking.

Sabrina said...

What a wonderful party!! How great too that your children were able to be a part of it. Nothing is better than getting compliments on your kid's behavior, it's ten times better than getting pats for yourself.

Best wishes for an excellent upcoming week!

BadPenny said...

Fabulous post. I had trouble with Blogger & changed to Google Chrome.
Your evening sounded fun & your job so interesting.
I LOVE your journal page. I live just over the water from you & adore the Island.

Joanna said...

Busy but brilliant week - I really enjoyed looking at the photos of your New Year party and hearing about all the food and activities. What a fun night it sounds, well done to you (and your children)!

I REALLY like your journal pages.

I am on Pinterest but don't totally understand it (I'm a bit thick) so have managed to avoid getting totally sucked in.

Wishing you a lovely what's-left-of-the-weekend,


Sarah said...

wow your new year party looks fab! can I have an invite next year? :)

glad you had a good time at your gig too

LadyBug said...

Sounds like another FAb week in the GS household :) the ladies outfits looked wonderful int he photos from friday night! I know they made them all themselves! they put so much effort into their parties and diplays you should be so proud of your group :) What a great night Monday was with "Dave" ;) thanks for the haircut :) Px

Lorraine said...

looks like a great night