Friday, 13 January 2012

Rocking your world friday!

Hello Friday rockers!

 I have had a great week, loads of things rocking my world at the moment!
  • My homemade meal plan is working very well. I have done weekly menus for the next month, one to save us money on shopping and two, because my daughter and husband are such fussy eaters and I am fed up with cooking 3/4 different meals a night. On the 1st Jan I told my daughter that these were the meals I was cooking, if she didn't eat them she would go hungry and also that there would be no sweets or crisps during the week. There was moaning and much huffing and sighing but She has eaten every meal I have cooked even things such as cottage pie and spag bol. We have always had problems with her eating (learnt behaviour from her Dad and his fussy ways I think!) and it got to the point where all she would eat is frozen proccessed c**p like sausages, burgers or pizza. A couple of months ago I swapped her onto veggie sausages and veggie chicken pieces as I felt that was a healthier option and for the last two weeks she has done amazingly well with her eating, I am so proud of her!
 And here she is in her new Big Bang Theory T-shirt which she bought with her xmas money. She wanted to be like her brother who has several Big Bang t-shirts! (we are huge Big Bang fans!)
  • My Somerset studio art journal magazine finally showing up and the hour or so peace and quiet I had last night to pour over it!
  • My lovely friend Paige who spent all of sunday afternoon and monday evening helping me to design my positive affirmation cards on the computer. I had spent a while trying to do it but couldn't get them quite right so whizz that she is on the technical side of things, she sorted them out in no time! They looked great but printing them at home wasn't giving me the results I wanted so Paige suggested that I get them printed from so she also uploaded them to there for me. So Big hugs and thanks to Paige this week! They have just arrived today and I am so pleased with them.
 Affirmation cards

  • Seeing the Logo I was commissioned to design in print on my friends buisness cards has really rocked my world! They have had some really positive comments about it as well which is great. They were really specific with what they wanted the design to look like ( a person in the yoga 'tree' pose emerging from a lotus flowers with branches around it!) so I am glad I managed to achieve that for them.
They are having a launch party next week to officially open their buisness. It is called The Lotus Tree and it is a yoga studio and healing room where you can have all sorts of holistic treatments. They have also agreed to sell my affirmation cards and have enquired about some of my art for their treatment room!
As a gift for them I kept the original drawing I did of the logo and I have mounted and framed it for them, I really hope they like it!
  • My Son Caleb who is 14, getting an A* in his GCSE chemistry exam! He came home with the result yesterday so then I spent an hour phoning all my family and close friends to brag about it!!!! I am so proud of him, he is an absolute star at school and works so hard to get good grades.
  • Just being thankful for what I have. Joining rocking your world has really encouraged me to be more positive and to remember the little things that have made my week great. I do thank my deities daily for the blessings I have been given but its so nice to write them down somewhere as well in a list so I can look back and say' my Goddess, I have had a good week havn't I?'
If you want to join up with other rockers head over to Virginias blog.
I hope you all have had a good week too!
Sami x

*Edited to say...Blogger won't let me comment on some blogs :(
Is it blogger or is it me again? My blog has finally been sorted out and working properly for the last couple of weeks and now there are blogs that I can't comment on.
Virginia, it wont let me comment on yours to say great rocking post, crafty womble I cant even access your blog and bad penny I can read your blog but again it wont let me comment the page just goes blank when I click the comment box. I did manage to comment on Joannas blog this morning though so I don't know whats going on???!!! I will keep trying but wanted to just say I am not being rude by not leaving comments for the other rockers.When blogger lets me I will be back to comment!!


Joanna said...

I don't think you're alone with the Blogger problems - I've heard a few people are experiencing difficulties commenting.

Wow to The Lotus Tree logo -it's absolutely brilliant! I KNOW they'll love having the original too, what a generous gift.

Yay to the new cooking regime - better for everyone. Including little missy in her cool new t-shirt! I bet you're saving loads of money too - the c**p food really adds up.

I've got the Art Journal magazine and I like to go back to it and drool some more over the pages. Pure inspiration - enjoy!

Never heard of I'll check them out. Your affirmation cards look superb, well done to Paige for being a fab friend.

Great list, I feel quite uplifted just reading it. Have a great weekend,


Sarah said...

soft kitty, warm kitty....yay! :)

LOVE the logo you designed for your friend's business, fantastic.

I love Moo cards too, I have a pile of them at home

Your daughter's past eating habits sound like my son's. Maybe the time has come to just be firm with him and expect him to eat what's served up rather than what he wants....hmmm....

and a big WELL DONE to Caleb! (lovely name)

Rock on! :)

craftattack said...

You have had a full week. Glad you are winning on the meal sector! Keep up the good work! I am having trouble commenting today too! Hugs, Valerie

LadyBug said...

Sounds like it's been a really good week in the "G-S" household :) BIG well done to both the little G-S's from nany Dog ;) and I'm so pleased the moo cards came out as well as I thought they would :) Px

Carolyn Phillips said...

Oh I love the T-shirt, I soooo want one!
My husband got a 'Bazinga' hoodie for Christmas, and yup, we are all big fans as well.

Sarah said...

PS I just saw your comment on the Fiddlesnips blog - so your son wants to be a theoretical physicist? My son too - he is a little older than yours and is in his first year at Uni studying Theoretical Astrophysics. of all things :) He's LOVING it. If he can help your son out in any way when it is his turn to start thinking about Uni, etc, let me know....


Wahay high achieving family. I apologise on behalf of my naughty bad blog page. Not sure what is going on. Your logo is splendid no wonder it was so well received. Well done to your son to, Chemistry is probably the hardest gcse of the sciences so what an achievement!

Virginia said...

Well I too seem to be having blog related issues this evening - I'm wondering if it's general traffic online due to the freezing temperatures and people staying at home LOL!

Your post is amazing, I love your Lotus Tree design - absolutely fantastic and want a brilliant gift for them, I'm sure they will adore it!

Your affirmation cards look fabulous, I would never have thought of moo for them - but it makes sense!

I too have taken a harder stand with said 11 year old since the New Year when it comes to eating habits, he was restricting himself to about 5 or 6 different meals half of which were crap and I was sick of making the same food over and over, so we too are venturing out into new territory - up to now we've been pleasantly surprised in a good way!

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead that is full of positives and rocking moments

Biggest Hugs


Sabrina said...

I adore your daughter's Soft Kitty shirt. My oldest son got us all into watching Big Bang a couple of years back. It's not always appropriate, but it is always funny!

Hope everyone's Blogger issues sort out so we can all chat accordingly!

laurie said...

you do more creative things in a week than i do in a (good) month! love the logo and wish i could go to that fantastic sounding place. are your affirmation cards for sale? i would love to buy a set.

Carmen said...

What a gorgeous post. The logo is amazing as are the affirmation cards. I'm so pleased to see how well your artwork is being received and is taking off, you're such a deserving person.

Am really lucky with my girls. They pretty much eat whatever is put in front of them, it's me that has fallen into bad habits of rotating the same few meals each week - relatively healthy (I think we single handedly keep Quorn afloat) just boring.

have an amazing week Sam :)

Sherry Edwards said...

It's lovely reading about all the positive things in your week Sam and your Lotus Tree artwork is stunning - I bet it will be proudly displayed!

SusieJ said...

What a wonderful list Sam!!
I am totally in awe of your artwork - fabulous!!
WTG on the eating front! Not a problem we've had with the boy but my nephew is the fussiest eater and he's passed it on to his children :( Better to nip it in the bud - well done to your daughter too..:)
Hope your weekend was as good as your week.
Hugs xx