Friday, 6 January 2012

Rocking your world friday!

Hello! I thought I would join up with Rocking your world friday this year. This is hosted by Virginia over on her Celtic House blog.
It's all about listing the things you are grateful for or the things that rocked your week-pop over to her blog, she explains it all much more eloquently!
I always read Carmens rocking posts and it often makes me think what good stuff has happened in my week, so I thought I would give it a go, I can't promise I will post every week but I will try!

 Sooooooo, whats been good this week?
  • Spending New Year with my Sister, her partner and my nephew. We played dance central, watched Sarah milligans new DVD-so funny, ate lots of nibbles and generally had a fab evening.
  • Playing on the Wii with my hubby and kids, I know this sounds pretty basic but we havn't all played together in so long and the kids can be so funny, making comments about losing and dancing around being really silly. When I stood back and watched them for a minute it really did make me smile. They are such great kids and I am so proud of them!
  • I am grateful for the xmas and birthday money I recieved, it means I can spend it on arty stuff without feeling guilty!
  • Seeing my little robin in the garden. He always appears when I am worrying about something and I like to think he pops up just to let me know everyhting will be ok.
  • And finally, the wonderful ladies of the friendship group, for all the extra work everyone is putting in to organise our new year party and all the enthusiasm they bring to it. Let me explain, I work as a friendship group co-ordinator for an organisation called Equals. I run groups for women from ethnic minority backgrounds (the Isle of Wight has a very small % of ethnic minorities and lots of these women can feel socially isolated).The groups provide a safe place to come and make friends, take part in activities, get some training, get involved with the community and learn new skills.They are the most wonderful bunch of women I have ever met. They are so supportive of each other, always enthusiastic to part in activities and so kind and generous. This week I was working on stuff to update our display board as we have an event coming up. I had seen an idea on Pinterest and thought, perfect, we can all make that together at the group. The ladies had so much fun, choosing their hairstyles and drawing their faces on and we created this for our display board.It also promoted discussion about judging people by their skin colour and other issues, so all in all a great session this week.If you want, you can check out our website.

Well, thats quite a lot of things to be thankful for this week! Its so good to be able to make this list, so often we get bogged down by the moaning and groaning, not having enough, being fed up with our work, our weight etc.that we forget that often its the littlest things in life that make us happy, and they are normally the most important!
Sami x


Virginia said...

That certainly is a loving list of gratefuls. So lovely to have a new Rockette, don't stress if you can't post every Friday just remember when things get tough that is sometimes the best time to do a post - it helps put things into perspective again. Don't worry if you can't post on a Friday I appreciate that people have busy lives so just pop over when you get chance, we'll all be there. I'm loving the idea of your family playing all together on the Wii - such precious time as children are children for such a short amount of time!

Loving the idea of your women's group as well - sometimes I think we could do with this sort of thing everywhere - it's so hard making friends when you're an adult!!!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend.


Joanna said...

Hooray, you've become a Friday Rocker! Lovely to see you here and lovely to read your list of 'gratefuls'! Your friendship group must be a life saver for some ladies, and the artwork you all created is gorgeous.

Have a great weekend!


craftattack said...

Glad your year has started off so well, and hope it will continue so for you! Valerie

Sarah said...

What a coincidence, Santa, I had decided to play along from this year too, after reading Carmen’s and Virginia’s posts last year. It impressed me that even though both of them were having a pretty pants time of it generally, that they were always able to find and focus on the positives. They set a very good example. I’m pulling my post together as we speak.

Sarah Milligan is ace isn’t she, we went to see her on her last tour, and it’s proper laugh till you cry territory.

The Friendship Group you are involved with sounds great. I can imagine that it must indeed feel quite lonely and isolating to be part of a racial minority on the island.

Carmen said...

What a brilliant post Sam. I love watching the kids on the wii, for the most part they all get on for once!

Your womans group always sounds amazing when you talk about it - such a special thing to be a part of.

So glad you took the Rocking plunge :D

laurie said...

what a great way to look back over your week for all the goodies! your friendship group sounds like a lot of fun for everyone involved. let us know what kinds of materials you spend your gift money on. :-)

SusieJ said...

Welcome Sam!
Lovely to see you posting and a lovely list of gratefuls.
We too played on the Wii as a family over Christmas..such fun!
Like Virginia I think we could do with a women's group like yours is hard to make friends as an adult (esp. when your children are all growed up!!)
Hugs xx


Watching my parents and their friends, a lot of lovely people mid to late 60s doing the ski jumping and penguin on the rocks was priceless!

The sew wild book is fantastic but extremely addictive and then there are all the other books you can buy off it - nuff said.

I find that blogging is my own form of women support group :) Love the picture.

Sabrina said...

The Friendship group sounds wonderful, and what a great resource in an area that appears very unique. Love the project you did for it!