Friday, 24 February 2012

Rocking your world friday

It's that time of the week again, to find all the positives of the last seven days!

This week has been quite a bad week so I have had to look really hard. I still have got some major work issues and its brought on my IBS and a migraine this week. But I have prevailed and have still managed to find a few positives!
  • Curling up on the sofa Sunday sfternoon with my kids and watching Pollyanna-the old version with Haley Mills. What a wonderful feel good film! I have not watched this since I was a kid and I throughly enjoyed it and so did the kids, not a dry eye in the house at the end! The glad game that she plays in it reminds me of Rocking your world, looking for the positive in things and finding things to be glad about.

  • The ability to laugh in an otherwise awful week-thanks to a friend doing something really silly! I was so stressed out on wednesday and on the way to work I got my aura spray out and gave myself a quick spritz in the face to try and brighten my mood. When we arrived at work I offered the spray to my friend so she could use some. The next thing I know shes choking and spluttering all over the place as she had sprayed it in her mouth because she thought I'd said it was oral spray instead of aura spray! It contains essensial oil so did not taste very nice! This just tickled me and were laughing so hard that people on the street kept looking at us as if we were mad! It did cheer us both up though!

  • My computer froze and nearly crashed this week, while I was doing a good deed for a friend and helping her with a letter. Her memory stick must have had something dodgy on and I had to get Lady P's hubby up to take a look at it. He has told me its dying....the positive which I am really reaching for here is at least it hasn't died yet!

  • I have been ill this week and yesterday was particualry horrible as I had a migraine that left me unable to get out of bed all day. I hate being incapacitated like that, I always feel like I am wasting time and there are things I should be getting on with. Reaching for the positive again, I suppose it allowed me to catch up on some sleep and give my body a rest.

  • I found out today that our annual rent increase is actually a decrease this year, by 60p a week! Don't know what thats about, never had a decrease before, its probably a typo but just for today I am going to believe it!

  • Caleb brought home a great report from school. He also got put in the book of distinction again and recieved a free cinema ticket for outstanding work in maths.
So a somewhat smaller list this week, but the positives are there, all be it small ones!
Why don't you pop over to Virginias blog and check out what has rocked everyone elses world this week?
Sami x


craftattack said...

Glad you still found some positive things to laugh about, and hope you feel better soon! Take care of yourself! Hugs, Valerie

K said...

Well done Caleb! Has he decided what he wants to see at the cinema yet?

Well done you for digging deep hun, glad you've had a laugh or 2 in an otherwise downer of a week.

Virginia said...

Oh I know those digging deep weeks so well but I'm glad you saw the positive in reaching for those little bits this week that have made it to your rocking list. It's years since I saw Pollyanna - don't think my 11 year old would be fussed but wouldn't mind watching it just for the nostaglia feeling. Giggling at the aura/oral mix up - bless - did it help your aura? Quite intrigued with that I am sounds very interesting! Also glad that you identified your body getting some rest whilst laid up in bed. I had the same issue when I was suffering with vertigo last year hours and hours and hours laid in bed, but it meant that when I was back upright and able to focus I was even more grateful for the time I had.

I hope this week treats you a little easier so your list of gratefuls is much bigger! Hope the migraine has toddled off as well now, having suffered with a headache the last couple of days (think it's viral) I can't imagine how people cope when struck down with migraines.

Send you much love and sparkles


Joanna said...

Ha ha ha ha to the aura/oral spray mistake! Poor you feeling so poorly this week, what with one thing or another. I do hope you feel perkier now. There's never a good time for computers to die, they're so expensive to replace - you never know, maybe yours will limp on for a while longer?

Wishing you a lovely weekend,


BadPenny said...

Oh sorry to hear you've been poorly
Well done Caleb !!! I haven't seen Pollyanna for years or Anne of Green Gables for that matter but was reminded of Pollyanna this week when my friend dressed the window in the shop to show off the china dolls we had donated - so sweet.
The spray story made me laugh !

Thanks for the info on the craft retreat I'll look into it xx

Sarah said...

sorry to hear you've not had the best of weeks :( but hooray for aura spray hilarity, clever sons, and rent reductions!

I've never seen Pollyanna but I know the jist of the story, my best friend always used to call me Pollyanna as I am apparently "nauseatingly optimistic" :)

laurie said...

oh, i have had those kinds of weeks and am so impressed that you have found a positive way to interpret it. much love and positive energy to you for healing and rest - i hope you feel better soon. maybe you can have another family movie day - such a warm vision, imagining you and your kids cuddled up enjoying a show.


Definitely a positive spin week but I like how precious each of those moments are. I introduced my nephews and son to the delights of Mary Poppins a few weeks back (I have Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Bedknobs and Broomsticks and One of our dinosaurs is missing waiting in the wings ;)

LadyBug said...

I missed you this week :( I must get over and see you soon. I willo bring the little lady that is hopefully going to make us Nanny's. Love you!!! NIAGW! Px

Anonymous said...

Hi Sami, so sorry you've had a bad week, but well done for finding so many positives anyway. Hope next week will be much better for you.
Big love