Monday, 20 February 2012

Five for Friday Wk 3

I am taking part in Laurie's Five for Friday challenge. Every week she gives you a topic to make a list of five things. You can document your list any way you want.

This is week 3- Top five qualities you would want the leader of your country to possess.
I had to think about this one as I am not one for politics and the such. I do believe though that if our leaders and MP's had actually lived in the real world, i.e, worked for minimum wage, struggled to feed their families and pay the bills, then they would have a better understanding of 'the man on the streets' life and be able to run the country better! It's a simple view I know but thats me!

For this page I used Dylusions paints applied with a baby wipe so that the colour was not to intense. I used crafters workshop stencils with paint to apply the squares and stencils and ink sprays to apply the circles. The tower/house is a Dylusions digi download which I coloured with inktense pencils. I printed off some images of primeministers past and present and also printed off the title and the list using a typewriter font in word. Then I just journalled my views and doodled.
I am really enjoying these lists and am pleased I have managed every week! Why don't you pop over to Lauries blog and join in?

I ordered some more washi tape last week and my little washi tape box was full so I went and bought a length of dowel and 2 hooks from the hardware shop and I (when I say 'I' I mean my husband!) rigged this up under my shelf.

Again, very simple, but very effective. I can see what I have, I can reach them and use them without taking them off the pole and they look pretty!

Sami x


laurie said...

i love your page, sam! thanks so much for participating. i understand what you mean about a leader being in touch with real life - so important in order to initiate change for the better in any country. i think my linky is working now... i am such a struggling techy. washi tape is so fun - i am really beginning a love affair with it and will have to order some more myself!!!

LadyBug said...

Nice idea for the washi tape! although i have to say not alot of room for ordering more!!!! ;)

craftattack said...

Love your page Sam, good idea with the wipes! Like your idea for the washi tape, too! Hugs, Valerie

Carmen said...

Fabulous page Sam - that's a toughie, I think you dealt with it well. i have to admit, I kind of liked Gordon brown and think he was majorly stitched up - he always seemed the most human to me!

Might be because he came from the area I used to live in Scotland ;)

I need to get me some washi tape. i really do!

Lynette (NZ) said...

Hilarious with the tape holder - I often say "we" when I mean "him"! ;-) looks great

Joanna said...

Blimey, honesty and integrity - that's asking a bit much isn't it?!

Lovely page, Sam. Oh to live in your world.... :o)


Joanna said...

ps I'm LOVING all those washi tapes!!


Joanna said...

pps Carmen thinks Gordon Brown was human??!!

Virginia said...

Fabulous pages for a toughie question! Loving the overall look to the page!

Thinking I may have to check this challenge out when I get two minutes.

Loving your washi tape holder and all the gorgeous washi tape adorning it!

Kimberly Gruber said...

pages are just beautiful.

I gave you an award on my blog, if interested check it out.

Bye for now!