Monday, 6 February 2012

I am taking part in Laurie's Five for Friday challenge over at her Lone Blackbird blog.
Each friday she will post a topic for a list and all you need to do is create your list in any way you choose.
I have chosen to do mine as art journalling.

This week was five fun things. I really had to think about this one which surprised me. I suppose as I have gotten older I don't do many fun things, or at least what I would consider to be really fun, like things I did in my youth. I lead such a boring life now!
This page already had the painted stencils on from when I was working on something else and used this as a mop up page. I added some spray ink, some washi tape and some stamps and doodled on it with black paint pens and a white out corrector pen.
Why dont you pop over to Lauries blog and check it out?
Sami x


Sherry Edwards said...

Are you kidding Sam, you need to swap lives with me for a week then see if your life is boring - LOL. Not that I'm complaining with my life though (well, not much anyway!!).

Your journal page is lovely - I thought at first glance it was a button for the blog you linked up to.

craftattack said...

Lovely work, Sam! Hugs, Valerie

Virginia said...

Wow that page is amazing - I love the colours, so incredibly vibrant!

Joanna said...

Lovely lovely page, Sam. I guess our definition of 'fun' changes as we get older - I have lots of fun rummaging around in charity shops, for example. Maybe I'm not much of a thrill seeker!

Laurie's idea is brilliant, I look forward to seeing what you come up with every week.


Lynette (NZ) said...

Great page - I love how the 'mop up' page turned into such great art. Especially love your black and white doodling - makes the page sing.

laurie said...

thank you so much for participating, sam! your page is like an amusement park for the eyes - you lead the viewer through the space with delight. :-) and i would say the word "fun" definitely describes you!

Lorraine said...

you have loads of fun playing in your journal..great layers

Carmen said...

Mop up pages sometimes turn out better than the ones we spend hours on don't they? This one is gorgeous!

What a fun idea, I'll definitely check it out ;)