Saturday, 5 June 2010

Scrap with us # 16

I am a little ahead of myself today. The WCC challenge is not supposed to go up until tomorrow but I knew I only had today to do it so I have posted it early!
# 16 Scrap with us is
Old wives tale
Mix up those alphas
Heres what I came up with

I had to google old wives tales as I was getting confused with proverbs. Although I found this saying under old wives tales it also appears under proverbs but as I knew what photos I wanted to use I stuck with it!
From this website I found this little nugget:
" The 'Red sky at night' rhyme is more than an old wives' tale and has some meteorological foundation - in England at least.
To explain why we'll need to know why clouds sometimes appear red and how that may be used to predict the weather. Firstly, why do clouds appear red in the morning and evening?
-Sunlight is broken into the familiar rainbow spectrum of varying wavelength colours as it passes through the atmosphere.
-The blue/ violet end of the spectrum is diverted more than the red/orange.
-When the sun is low in the sky, at dawn and dusk, sunlight travels through more atmosphere than at other times of the day. the red wavelength is better able to go on a direct course and be reflected back off clouds, where as the blue light is more scattered before reaching the cloud and is therefor less visable. So, we see the clouds as red as the light that is reaching them is primarily red.
...and how does this help predict the weather?
- The weather in the UK comes from the west, i.e the wind is primarily westerly.
- The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
- If there is broken cloud in the morning we may look to the west and see some red light reflecting back from the cloud, i.e. 'red sky in the morning'. As the clouds are coming towards us there must be a chance of rain, at least an increased chance compared with the cloudless period we had just enjoyed.
- Likewise for 'red sky at night'. If we see clouds in the evening they will be in the east and have already passed us by, giving a good chance of clear skies and fine weather ahead."
So looks like its not an old wives tale after all!
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Sam x


Carmen said...

I love this, all the mixed up alphas work so well. Especially love that first 'red'.

Noticed you are in boot camp - what are you going to use as your medium? Think I'm going to crack open the paints :P

LadyBug said...

MY Nan used to say this all the time so i think you are quite right in quoting it as an old wives tale :)
Loving the paint effect Sam!!!!! very brave!!!!!

sorayaquartz said...

This is fab Sam. I was really stuck on this one, and still seem to have lost my mojo a bit!!!