Tuesday, 8 June 2010

CBC Day 3

Todays random word prompt over on Creativity boot camp is
I have only had an hour this evening as I have been on a really boring training course all day.
Here is my attempt.

Sami x


LadyBug said...

another wonderful entry in your art journal!! i love it :) I'm also impressed with the three days of blogging from you :)

sorayaquartz said...

Sam this is amazing, i love the half photo half drawing. BB

Carmen said...

My favourite entry so far! I love this all the elements to it and the onion there :D I was hoping to upload today - put down the bit I was doing last night, moved some stuff around and what had I done? Put it all on top of my wet painty picture! Aaaargh!

Carmen said...

LOL - I hadn't seen the prompt for today yet - ohhhh yes, Mr Cooper will be starring in that one. The elephant was my day one prompt (was thinking elephant = ivory) but shortly after I took that photo this morning I moved a pile of stuff on top of it, went to move it and... yep you guessed it. Was stuck to everything! Aaargh! Suddenly thinking paint wasn't the best medium for a daily project! Am so behind but will do Elmer (as he would be if he was off to see Alice) again tonight! *sigh*

Hazydaisy said...

This is amazing work, what a wonderful journal!