Sunday, 20 June 2010

My Craft Room

Today I thought I would post some photos of my craft room (only because I had to tidy it to accomadate my new toy!)
I am very lucky to have my own room for crafting. When we moved into our house we discovered a little room off the kitchen, which we had assumed was a cupboard. It was too small to have as a dining room so I took it over as my crafting space.
I got my Dad and Husband to fit some kitchen worktop along the wall and put up a couple of shelves. My Dads an electricion so he put in trunking with lots of plugs for the computer, sewing machine etc.
My desk

My shelves where I keep buttons, ribbons, flowers, my bind it all and other bits and pieces

My new cricut, my I-Pod docking station, my photo printer and my little card box which still needs altering.

Stood on the floor against the door is my unfinished printers tray and my art bin which I've had since college and is now filled with acrylic paints. The bottom 2 shelves of my bookcase holds my scrap card in the wooden drawers, embossing powders, heat gun and rubber stamps in the blue drawers, my slice (relegated to the shelf since the cricut arrived!) and the little Cath Kidson type boxes hold completed mini books. My craft magazines are on the floor under the bookcase. I have to have the top two shelves of my bookcase for all my work files as I do a lot of my job from home.

These wheelie drawers hold an assortment of stuff, from card toppers to more rubberstamps.

Under my desk sits my old sewing cabinet which is filled with pens, colouring pencils, scissors, double sided tape, glue and any other crap that doesnt fit anywhere else. My wheelie tote filled with all my card stock and paper and then extra paper and card in the pizza boxes.

My cupboard door

And inside my cupboard. I know it looks all piled in there but I know where everything is! I have yet another printers tray in there, all my totes which hold my glues, inks, punches and alphas, my scrapbooks, my tim holtz stamp binder and tools. Behind my stuff is all my daughters crafting stuff.

My room
I have not quite finished the last two days of CBC, they are both half done! I will try to get to them today but as its fathers day I have to let my hubby sit on his bum and do nothing so I might be a bit busy!!
Thanks for looking!
Sami x


sorayaquartz said...

I love your crafting room, i wish my crafting space was a bit nicer and more organised, but hopefully in a couple of weeks i should be moving :-)

Carmen said...

What a fab surprise to find when you moved in.

Wish I had a little room I could shut the door on - told OH I want an easel now and am on the lookout for one. The look said it all. But as I keep saying, he has his shed so he can just shaddup! :P Love the door to your cupboard and that sewing cabinet is amazing - not seen one like that before.

Am still finishing up CBC too. Have to do from Hush onwards. I'll get there.

What you were saying on my blog - have you thought about doing a class? I'm contemplating a Suzi Blu or a Sharon Tomlinson one.

Also, my drizzle ATC. I painte the base thickly so it was ridged, put a thin wash of gold over that so it collected in the ridges. The lace was painted with acrylic paint and the purple is glitter glue smooshed in while the paint was wet. The drizzle is just literally holding the ATC upright, drizzling Glossy Accents across the top and then tilting it till I got the drips how I wanted them and then lay it down flat to dry. Being glossy accents it keeps that nice 3d effect when it's dry - it's also a good effect to use nail varnish with :P