Wednesday, 9 June 2010

CBC Day 4

Yesterdays random word prompt was
Heavy metal
(I did do it yesterday, I just didn't have time to post it! My DH has taken over my computer to play in some fantasy football league online, by the time he had finished last night, buying and selling players, it was gone 10pm and I was to busy watching Most Haunted!)
I read the prompt over my cup of tea at 7am and my first thought was 'wedding rings'. On my way to work however I thought about the huge rusty chains of the chainlink ferry I have to catch every wednesday to get me to my friendship group. I was lucky when I got there that the ferry was over the other side so I had time to take some quick photos to help inspire me when I got home for my art journal page. The photos are not great, I took them on my little digital camera and people were giving me weird looks as I was standing there taking photos of the chains! Im sure they thought I was some sort of inspector, assessing the condition of the chains!!

I was not going to use the photos on the page but when I started to try and draw the chains it was really difficult, I just could not get them right. So I printed the photos off as I had taken a few others of a sculpture and a big crane as well, both metal. I still had lots of blank space so I wrote down all the sounds the chains make when they are pulling the ferry. It is really noisy sitting on the ferry, luckily it only takes a few minutes!
As I am a scrapbooker it was quite liberating to just stick the photos down randomly, with masking tape no way I would normally do this!
I must confess to not having time to do the journal prompt, hopefully I will get to it today along with the new word prompt!
Sami x


Jamie said...

Wow - and I thought taking photos was time consuming - you are going all out - have fun!

krissilugbill said...

oh i love your work! so creative and beautiful! your blog is lovely

Carmen said...

This is just so goregous and inspiring - it reminds me of the scrapbook I've been drooling over on the credits of the Jamie Oliver program - I keep saying I'm going to do one but donm't know where to start - yours is going to be one stunning book Sam!

LadyBug said...

Clever Clever girl!!! I love this entry in your book. and I love the chainlink ferry :) it brings out the child in me travelling over to Cowes on that noisy little beast :)