Thursday, 24 June 2010

Final 2 CBC and a couple of others

I finally finished the last two CBC challenges! I kept up all the way through until the final two! I am also taking note of the prompts on 'the 30 day journal' course, but I am only doing the ones that appeal to me.
This one was day 3 on 30 day journal, 'share with someone why you love them-draw a picture of someone you love and write them a letter telling them how much you love them.'
This is a journal page about my sister
On the left is my page for CBC day 12 'smooth'.
I struggled with this, I wanted to convey a smooth blank page in my journal and how you get started on that new page. Confronted with a new blank page I have the tendancy to go blank myself because I don't want to mess the page up. I am actually not happy at all with this page but I have posted all the other CBC pages so here it is.

The right page is from prompt number 4 on 30 day journal-'what does your heart look like?'
This was just a doodle I did.
This page is the final day of CBC 'smile', another little doodle that I coloured in with pencils.

And this one is in my new Moleskine journal, that I was saving until I had filled the other one, but have decided to take to Glastonbury this weekend. It is a Goddess drawing in honour of Glastonbury!

We are not going to the festival we are just going for a nice relaxing spiritual weekend. Glastonbury town is very quiet festival weekend so I expect to spend a lot of time in all the really cool shops!
I am going to take my journal as Glastonbury is such a spiritual place I want to try and capture some of that with some art and maybe some poetry while I am sat at the Chalice well!
Thanks for looking,
Sami x


Carmen said...

Love these pages Sam - in particular the smile and the Goddess but they are all fabby.

Am still behind myself but still setting aside some time each day so at least that bit isa working :) Will have to check out the 30 day journal site!

Jamie said...

Congrats on finishing up CBC!

Lisa said...

Love your pages! The 'smile' is fantastic! Love your 'doodle' heart, too!

Sherree said...

I just have to say I love your journalling!. I wish I could do it.

BeeBeebabs said...

Very nice work thanks for sharing

BeeBeebabs said...
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