Sunday, 26 August 2012

Rocking your world friday

 It's that time of the week again to list all your positives and gratefuls in RYWF. If you don't know what I am talking about pop over to Virginia's blog and have a look.

* On Saturday my sister, Paige and I spent the day making wedding invites for my sisters wedding next year. We had sort of a production line going and managed to get all of them made by 4pm.

* On Sunday my sister invited us to spend the day with them at the beach. We went to sea grove bay which is normally quite quiet as its out of the way of the tourist path. It was packed though, with everybody arriving on their boats and wading with all their beach and BBQ stuff through the sea! I had my nephew with us as well and we had a great day swimming in the sea and making sandcastles. I even went in the sea after some clothes swapping with my sister as I had not taken a swim suit.

 Caleb, Zoe, Shelby

 Caleb, me, Zoe, Shelby and my sisters fiance Alan

 Caleb, Stewart and Tristan. I took this photo to show how tall the boys have got.

 Tristan's finished sandcastle which got loads of people stopping and commenting!

* On Monday we finally got our hedges cut. This has been an ongoing saga for the last year with our housing association. When we had to move out last year the hedges got so huge that when we moved back we couldn't manage to cut them our selves. They came and cut one side for us and then found a wasps nest and never returned to do the other side. I kept ringing and they kept saying they were coming and never did. I started ringing them again in April and its taken till now to get something done. They cut 8 foot off the top of the hedges on Monday so now I have sunlight in my garden again. It's up to us to keep them cut now but as we can actually reach them now that won't be a problem....that's if Stu doesn't cut through the cable of the hedge trimmer again!

* Because we had lots of cuttings to burn, on Tuesday evening we decided to light the new fire pit I had bought a few weeks ago at Tesco (half price £12.50...bargain!). We bought marshmallows and made an evening of it. Shelby had her friend round and we invited Zoe and Alan up. Caleb kept telling the girls to be careful of the fire as they were dancing round so we made him fire marshal and made him wear a high vis jacket! It is true that the yellow jacket makes the power go to your head!
It was a simple but really enjoyable evening and once everyone had gone Caleb and me just sat and watched the mesmerising flames.

 My bargain firepit



 Caleb in fire marshal mode

* I have spent several evenings carrying on with my fairy costume for the big secret fairy party next weekend and then all day yesterday making my sisters costume for her as she can't sew! I did get her making some silk flowers with a needle and thread though.

*I bought a new crystal on Friday, a lovely huge rose quartz point.

* Uniform shopping on Friday as well. I hate doing this, it stresses me out and costs so much money but luckily Paige came with me and we had the kids all sorted out in a couple of hours...thanks Lady P!

* Double coupons at Tesco gave me £20 off the uniform shop so I am extremely grateful for that.

*Great GCSE results for my nephew...well done Rhys! Great half GCSE results for Caleb as well. Caleb is in his final GCSE year this year but as they are taken in stages now he has done parts of them and got his marks..A*'s and B's for Physics, history and English. All the 'parts' get put together at the end for his overall results next year.

*I managed to get some art work done this week, inspired by Flora Bowley's new book which happened to fall into my Amazon shopping basket a few weeks ago.

 I really enjoyed doing this, just being really free and not caring how it turned out and am pleased with the finished result.

* I have just finished reading this book which I bought in Glastonbury a couple of weeks ago.

It's a wonderful true story of how the author went searching for the existence of faeries in England, Ireland and Scotland and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I then found her website with all the photos she took while exploring so it was lovely to see the images I had only imagined while reading the book.

Well that's it for me this week folks, thanks for popping by,
Sami x


Sherry said...

Hello Sam, it's good to read about what you've been getting up recently! The beach photos look great, it was so busy there considering it's off the tourist path. You're so lucky having the beach so near to home too. Congrats to the boys on their good exam results - sounds as though you're just about ready now for them to be back to school. Take care xx

scrappyjen said...

Lovely photos! The sand castle is great. I am off now to investigate the fairy website. Need a bit of enchantment! happy monday, jenx