Monday, 20 August 2012

Rocking your world Friday

It is Rocking your world Friday again...where is the time going? I am posting late again, sorry, and am linking up with our host Virginia. Pop over to her blog and see what has been rocking every ones world this week. This is a chance each week to list all your positives and things you are grateful for.

* On Sunday my Mum, sister, Shelby and me went to the Isle of Wight Healing festival, held at Ventnor Botanical gardens. There were lots of things going on like Belly dancing displays and hula hooping, which Shelby loved. There were many people there promoting different healing therapies and you could have a session for a donation. We all had a tarot reading from a lady called Elizabeth who runs the meditation group we go to. It was a very positive and uplifting reading and she was spot on about so many things. The weather was lovely so I am grateful for a lovely afternoon spent with my family, just chillin.

* I am grateful for having had two weeks off work. I have not had any time off since I started work for Equals 3 years ago. I was very good and didn't check my work emails at all!

* I am grateful that Stu had 2 weeks off work with me so we could spend some time together. We didn't get up to much just sitting in the garden with the kids, playing poker with the kids, walking the dogs, playing Rockband, going to the beach and going bowling.

 The 'PRO' bowler! He has his own bowling balls and shoes and plays in a league so obviously he wiped the floor with us!

 He's so proud of his balls!!!!


 My strike dance!

 Shelby looking pretty!

* We have been making fairy costumes this week for a secret summer fairy party that we are going to. Our lovely friend Menna (the fairy lady) has been helping us. I will post pictures when they finished. We are altering dresses we already had for a handfasting a few years ago, so we are going to be more like Renascence fairy's! I am so grateful for Mennas help, she is so talented!

* On Monday, the wonderful Menna took Paige and me through the secret fairy woods at the bottom of her garden. These are privately owned and she managed to get permission to take us in. They were amazingly beautiful with such old trees. It was lovely and unspoilt as they are private. I really felt like I was in another world.

* Making my sisters wedding invites. They look fab and didn't take nearly as look as I thought they would. It was lovely just sitting together with everyone with a sort of production line going on!

*Took the kids to Firestone Copse on Friday with Paige. It was lovely wondering through the beautiful woods. Paige and Caleb decided to have a sword fight with some was all fun until Caleb bashed Paige's knuckle in!

 Keeping out of reach of Paige's dog, Gracie who had just jumped into a huge stagnant pond and wanted to shake all over everybody!

 This tree is amazing, I take photos of the kids standing inside it every time we go! It's trunk has split into seven pieces and it was featured on the programme coast to coast.

 Sitting by the salt marsh


 Caleb, doing his best NOT to fall in for fear of having to walk home on his own!

 Shelby wearing Caleb's hat and trying to look like an explorer

 Let the fight begin!

 I don't think their sticks are very evenly matched, seeing as Caleb is holding my very sturdy walking staff and Paige has a rotten branch that Caleb found on the floor for her!

 Gracie was getting a bit worried about her Mum being attacked!

  Caleb, really going for it, just before he bashed Paige!

*I spent a whole day this week making this Shared journal for a new group I will be attending. The hope is that this sharing book will become like a book of women's wisdom with every group member contributing to it with poems, quotes, words of wisdom, art, healing remedies, homemade crafts, recipes etc. I am very excited to be going to this new group and wanted to contribute something for us to share.
I made the book out of canvas which I first stitched into the cover shape and then decorated. It has loads of pages inside and a canvas pocket to store things in.

Well, thats it for this week,
thanks for popping by,
Sami x

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