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Rocking your world Friday

 What a rocking week it has been!
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* First up, we went to the beach Friday night for a BBQ with my sister, her partner and my nephew. We walked out on the sand banks collecting shells, the kids ran around playing and we cooked some burgers. Simple pleasures but we had a great time.
 Caleb, Shelby and Rhys
 Caleb, Rhys and Zoe
Rhys looks impressed with his new boobs!

* On Monday it was my darling girls 12th birthday. We bought her clothes as that was what she asked for, Caleb bought her some mini hair straighteners and a hairdryer and she had lots of other bits and pieces.
We took the kids out to lunch to celebrate and then had family round for tea and birthday cake in the afternoon. Shelby had a sleepover spa party on the Saturday night before her birthday. Me and my friend Dawn painted all the kids nails, they had face packs, watched movies and ate popcorn and birthday muffins that Dawn had made.
 Pleased with her prezzies

Out to lunch at the Dairymans

Birthday cookies and cakes made by my sister

 Blowing out the candles on her birthday cake, made by Paige

*On Tuesday me and Paige were up at 2.30am to get ready and catch the 4.30am boat to the mainland for our Glastonbury trip. I had been so excited about this trip, three days away in Jenni the camper van, no kids, no hubby, no dogs and pennies to spend on whatever I wanted!
We drove off the ferry at 5am and started on our way through the new forest. We had two near misses with Bambi's trying to jump in front of Jenni which was scary, but Paige managed to swerve and miss them both times.
We arrived in Glastonbury by 7.30am and waited for our fave cafe, Heaphys to open so we could have breakfast.When it finally opened at 9am it had changed hands and gone all up market-no more veggie breakfast but I could have had scrambled egg on a paneni(sp?) for six quid?!! Whats that about? We found another cafe, had breakfast then started our shopping.
So many beautiful things to look at!
The three days were spent shopping, chillin at the campsite, more shopping and relaxing at the Chalice well. We wanted to go and find Brigid's well and the two old oak trees Gog and Magog but it pored with rain for the first two days so we didn't get a chance.
We got accosted by Gypsy's in the high st and between us ended up paying £7 for some plastic flowers and a whole load of gypsy luck!
We left Glasto on the Thursday afternoon and headed to Avebury ring. We wandered around the stones, leaving little blessings in the nooks and crannies of the stones. We went back to Jenni at six to move her to another car park as the one we were in shut at 6.30 and we were meeting our friend Sarah at 7pm. And Jenni would not start! Paige kept turning the key and there was nothing, not even a protesting whine-so much for £7 worth of Gypsy luck! Paige rang her hubby and he didn't know what could be wrong with her so we had to ring the AA who said they would be with us by 7.15. We made a coffee and waited. We spoke to the woman who came to lock the gates of the car park and she said she would leave them open for us so if the AA got us going we would be able to get out.We had to cancel our meet up with Sarah as we didn't know what would happen with the AA, we both expected to be towed home. Sorry again Sarah! By 7.15 there was no sign of the AA and Paige said she was going to try and start her again-and she started first time. We rang the AA back and they said if she was running then get moving and they would cancel the garage they had coming out to us.
We took it really slow on the way home and when we reached the ferry we were really worried about turning the engine off in case she wouldn't start again. We were an hour early for our ferry though and couldn't risk her overheating so had to turn her off. Luckily she started for us when the ferry came in! We got home around 11.30pm, tired but full of the spiritual energy from our travels.

 Goddess display at Starchild
 The Chalice well
 The Vesica Piscis pool at the Chalice well

 The stones and clay pieces I made to leave as little blessings around Glastonbury

One of the little Goddess figures left at the Chalice well

We filled our new offering bowls with all our new crystals and water from the well and then sat and charged them up. The energy at the Chalice well is incredible.

 Me at the chalice well

Inside of Jenni, enjoying a glass of wine and some cakes

Paige at Avebury
Paige looking all witchy with a crow flying in front of her at Avebury
My feets at Avebury

I will leave it there for this week.
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