Sunday, 16 September 2012

Rocking your world Friday

It's that time of the week again for Rocking your world Friday. A chance to list all the positives and gratefuls of the last week (or three!). Pop over to our host Virginia's blog and check it out.

It's been a hard few weeks this end, but I have pulled myself together enough to list some of my gratefuls. Loads probably got lost along the way but I will do my best to remember them.

* First up, a huge thank you to the Wednesday Whine group. You ladies are fantastic! I can't tell you how much your support and kind words mean to me. You Rock!!

*My DD was pictured twice in her school newsletter this week, enjoying the end of term festivities.

*Helping my son write his formal letter to the head teacher to apply to be a prefect. He didn't want to 'big' himself up in the letter so I did, that's what proud mums do isn't it?! He has heard he's made the list and also got a couple of ticks for the head boy position. Fingers crossed, he should hear next week.

*My DD, Shelby, took part in the IOW scooter rally a couple of weeks ago with her Grandad. She bought herself a scooter tshirt and wore my very old cherry red DM's to look the part. She had a great time and made it there and back in one piece. It's a standing family joke that I worry so much when one of the kids does the rideout with my Dad, so I got a text from her that said 'I'm alive!!!' when they arrived at their destination.

*The kids going back to school! I love my kids dearly, I love spending time with them in the holidays, I love the lack of routine for 6 weeks, but the silence in my house on the first day back to school was wonderful!!!

*Watching the Hunger games on DVD and then reading the books. I enjoyed the film, I thought it was well done, but I didn't realise how much it would upset me. Kids killing kids, very disturbing. The books I really loved (weird as its still the same as the film), I suppose because you got to read more of how they felt and the back story.

*Getting ready for the big secret fairy party a few weeks ago. We went to a friends house to get ready and made a day of it. We finished the last details on our costumes, had a BBQ and the wonderful Menna did all our face painting. Unfortunately the party was not as expected, but the least said about that the better!

 Paige, me and Teresa


 Paige and Zoe being really cheeky faeries

 Paige, Menna, Zoe, Me and Teresa
We all had beautiful fairy wings as well but we had already packed them in the car when these photos were taken.

*Getting tickets for Park of the Dead at Halloween. This looks to be an amazing interactive zombie experience and I can't wait! Tickets went on sale at 8.30am the other Saturday and when we got there at 9am to buy ours they were already half sold out.

*Meeting up with the friendship group ladies after our 6 week break. We can't use our normal hall at the moment as the roof is being re-done so we met at one of the ladies houses and were treated to a full on BBQ and curry delight!

*My friend arranged for me to take some of my paintings and prints to a shop in Cowes this week. She is always asking in shops if they would be interested in seeing my stuff..I am just not brave enough to ask myself! Anyway, I took my stuff over and when we walked in it was more like a gallery than a shop with the most amazing art work on display. I thought I would be laughed right out the door but the lady was very complimentary about my work. She said some of the work was not really them (the pagan/goddess inspired pieces) but she loved two of my paintings, a small mixed media one and a bigger abstract one, and she wants them for the shop but I have to get them framed first. She also wants all my prints, my affirmation cards and my sea glass mobiles for Christmas! I was totally gobsmacked!!! Paige's hubby is going to photograph everything this weekend and then I shall take the stuff back over to her. I hope it sells!

*As a thank you to my friend for pushing me into taking my work over to the shop, I did some painting lessons with her. She has been asking for ages for me to teach her some techniques so on Saturday she came over for the day and we had a play.

 This was her first one. She had already drawn the mushroom and wanted some techniques for the background.
This is her second piece. I had her just make marks on the canvas, dribble paint and use water spray to create an abstract piece. She was over the moon with the results.

Well, I think that's it for this week. Thanks for stopping by.
Sami x


craftattack said...

Hi Sami, nice to see you around again. Sorry you have had a couple of hard weeks. So nice that you can be proud of your kids, and I love your fairy photos. Hope the things will go well in that shop, it's a good chance, and you are right to use it! Valerie

Carmen said...

Love your friends paintings! I WANT A WORKSHOP WITH YOU! One day. One day.

HUGE congratulations on being exhibited! And them taking all your other bits for Christmas. I often wondered how that works once you've got it framed - do you price it in the shop or do they? I bet you do SO well!

I'm the same when the kids go away. Phoebe went on her first week away with the school last year add to that that she is SO accident prone ANd it was an adventure week involving canoeing, very high zip wires etc... you can imagine what I was like! She loved it and her only complaint was that they weren't allowed a hot drink all week (health and safety! Pfft!) And so was gagging for a cuppa *g* That's my girl!

Have a lovely week Sam.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, sorry you have been feeling poorly and hope you and Shelby are better now. Yes it is Call of the Wild Soul I'm going to I'm excited but it is 'really' expensive, more than I first calculated as I have had to buy extra supplies, ferry ticket, petrol and an extra night's accommodation because I don't want to drive back at night. Fortunately my husband's attitude is 'It's only money and it's something you really want to do' (I don't think he actually knows how much it is costing though!) It's going to be a blast I am really looking forward to meeting Teesha, Flora and Orly and to remeeting Tracy (Teesha's husband). I definitely need a bit of 'me' time doing nothing but art :-)
You gals make lovely fairies and well done on getting your work exhibited in the shop, hope this is the start of something big for you.
Big love
AJ :-)

Sherry said...

Hi Sami, you always have such a lot going on. You look fantastic in your costume, sorry things didn't go quite as planned though. Congratulations on the good news at the shop/gallery! Hope it all goes really well for you x

Virginia said...

Wow Sam I'm so glad you got to take some of your work to the shop - we knew you could sell your art work it's gorgeous!

And I agree with Carmen I'm sure you could do a workshop online for us all to join in with!

Will keep fingers crossed on the prefect front and loving the photos of your dressed up and of your gorgeous daughter looking amazing.

may you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead. Hugs

misteejay said...

What super costumes - great photos.

Hope this is a super week for you.

Toni xx

laurie said...

you always seem to be doing such fun activities with friends and family. i'm sure your creations will be a big hit in the shops. take good care of yourself before another busy week begins!

Joanna said...

Good to have you back, Sam! Lovely post, congratulations on your artwork being accepted - keeping my fingers crossed they sell :)

Glad your daughter had such an exciting time with her grandad - how cool is he?!

I love your fairy costumes, you all looked wonderful. Shame about the party :(

Have a great week!


Natasha said...

Love your friend's paintings, especially the second one...gorgeous.

How exciting about having your things in a shop as well...congratulations.

I have just finished the Hunger Games Book 1 and 2 and am waiting for Book 3 now.

And go your little ones...rocking the achievements, and a secret fairy fun is that!!!