Saturday, 22 September 2012

Rocking Your World Friday and Pair Journal

 It's rocking time again, the time of the week to dig deep and find all those positives and gratefuls. I am linking this up with our wonderful host Virginia.

* My Dad was 60 in April and on Saturday night him and three of his friends from school, who all turned 60 this year had a huge birthday bash. It was great to see him enjoying himself, fit and well after his cancer two years ago. They had live music from a very well known band on the Island and they were fantastic. (Unfortunately after the party when they were loading their van back up with their equipment, some little moron jumped in the van and drove off with it. One of the band members who was in the back got thrown out into the road and had to go to hospital. The police later found the van burned out with the equipment still inside-a 1970's original drum kit and amps. But that's enough of the down side as I am supposed to be concentrating on the positive!)

*My DS, Caleb, got a letter from the headteacher to say that he has been accepted as a prefect. It also said that staff were asked to comment on his suitability for a senior role (head boy or house captain) and could he attend an interview for a senior role and do a 3 minute presentation on Thursday for the headteacher and head of year! He spent all of Wednesday night preparing his presentation on what he could bring to the role and he was really nervous Thursday morning when he got up! When he got home from school i asked how it went and he thought he did well. The teachers commented on how well prepared he was and what a good presentation it was. He went through what questions they had asked him and what his responses were and they impressed me! He should hear next week so fingers crossed!

* I have a job interview next week, on the same day that I have a family funeral to go to. Fingers crossed for me as well, that the interview goes well and I get out in enough time to attend the funeral.

*I had a little trip to the crystal shop on Wednesday with Paige. I only spent £4 though so am in no trouble this time from my hubby!

*Paige's Hubby photographed all my paintings this week for me, as the shop that is going to take two of them wanted photos first. The photos look great and I will be able to make prints as well from them. Thanks Trav, I owe you some beer!

*Watching Avengers Assemble with Stu and the kids. We never made it to the cinema to watch this so we bought it on special from Tesco. I really enjoyed it and I didn't realise until I saw the credits that it was written by Joss Whedon!

*Autumn is on it's way, the sun is still shining but theres a chill in the air. This is my Fave season, nice walks in the woods with the leaves falling, hot chocolate, cosy jumpers and boots!

Well, that's it for my list of positives this week. Check out the other rockettes to see what lifted them up this week!

 I have finally managed to get some work done in my pair journal. I didn't even pick it up throughout the school holidays so it was hard to get back into it. I am doing this pair journal with Sue over on the collabor-art blog. I was working in my journal this time and the theme is round and round.

I  added the freaky skull like drawing to this page with Indian ink and a few more words
 Some doodling of seed and pod heads

 Sue had done this page with the fab googly eyes. I added the speech bubbles and some red circles in the background
 I loved this magazine image, I thought she looked like a giant sea anemone
 Sue had started this page with the yellow background and the journalling spots with black stems. I added the word flower (which I am not to pleased with, I may have to paint over that!) and the little leaves to the stem, some washi tape 'grass' and darkened the background with ink and a flower stencil.

 Another of Sue's started pages. I added the clock hands, the stamped clock and 'time flies' image on tissue paper and the words.

 I had done the background on this page with paint left over from another project and then added a spider web and dandelions and some journalling.

 I used printed scrapbook paper for the background on this page, covered with paint and stencilling then added the balloon from an old book page and a compass and the letter stickers
 Sue had started this page off with some yellow cogs so I just continued on that theme, layering up with masks and ink and stamps on tissue paper and then outlined the cogs to make them stand out.
 Another of Sue's pages. I added the ruler stamp, tape measure washi tape and gave it a very light wash of watercolour.

These are the two paintings that I am taking to the shop in Cowes. Trav took the professional photos for me!

 This is a small mixed media canvas and I have used beeswax over the top of it.

This abstract one I did, influenced by Flora Bowleys 'Brave intuitive painting' book.

Thanks for popping by!
Sami x


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, your art is fantastic I espeicially love the last image. I heard about the theft after the party, I hope it didn't take the shine of the celebrations for your dad and friends. I just hope the person who did it get's his (her?) upcomeance soon, it was just plain nasty to do that!
Your son sounds like he's a rising star.
Have a great week, I'm off to COTWS on Thursday!
Big love
AJ :-)

craftattack said...

So glad your week had a lot of bright spots. Great that your son has been made a prefect and is willing to take on responsibility - good luck to him! And your journal pages are just fantastic, love what you have made!! Hugs, Valerie

Virginia said...

Oh so many things to comment on, the party sounds like it was fun, what a shame someone had to spoil it - hope it didn't detract too much from the occasion.

We watched the Avengers film last night and I was similarly impressed and no I hadn't realised that Mr Whedon had had a hand in it until the closing credits.

Loving your artwork, always gorgeous and the prints are awesome.

Will keep my fingers and toes crossed for this week for you.

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


Carmen said...

The party sounds fantastic, such a shame about the idiot afterwards but hopefully your Dad and his friends still look back on it and remember the good bits!

Love your journal pages, commented over on collaborArt, just gorgeous.

The photos of your paintings are fab and I love both of them -your abstract one in particular is fabulous.

Have a lovely week Sam x

misteejay said...

What amazing art work.

Glad your Dad and his friends had a super party even if the after event was rather a spoiler.

Hope you have a fabulous week.

Toni xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, I forgot to say good luck with your interview and I hope the whole day goes as well as day like that can.
Big love
AJ :-)

Natasha said...

Oh my gosh. I love your journal pages. Especially the seed pods. LOVED that page, but I was blown away by all your pages. I am so pleased for your Dad and his friends but what a rotten way for the night to end.

We saw the Avengers at the movies and oh my gosh, how cool was that Hulk!?!

Fingers crossed for the job interview!

Joanna said...

Wow, what a great post! I'm just catching up and love your Rocking post - I wonder if you've heard if your son got a senior role at school (although I know you're totally proud of him whatever the result).

I really enjoyed looking at all the pages in the pair journal - it's really interesting to see what you do to the pages started off by Sue. I have never taken part in a collaboration, I just don't think I'd have the guts to add to someone else's artwork!

Your artwork, photographed by Travis, is stunning!