Saturday, 13 October 2012

Rocking your world Friday

Hello Friday Rockers. I have fallen behind again, both with my blogging and with catching up on other peoples blogs and have not joined in with Rockers for a couple of weeks...sorry!

Pop over to Virginia's blog, our wonderful host, to join in with us.

So digging very deep this week for my silver linings, my list of gratefuls and things that have made me happy, but I have managed it.

* My son, Caleb being chosen for vice house captain for his senior prefect role. I am so proud of him, he is the perfect role model. He applied to be a prefect and was then asked to attend an interview and give a presentation as he had been nominated for a senior role. I think he did extremely well to be chosen for one of the positions as there were lots of people who applied and didn't even get a prefect role. Also at 7pm on the day he found out, the head teacher of the school phoned me to tell me how wonderful my son was, how proud the school was of him and how he is going to achieve amazing things this year! I was gob smacked that the head had taken the time to ring all the parents and say such lovely things, obviously in his own time too.
 Caleb with his vice captain badge, he's still waiting for his prefect badge to arrive.

*The Equals Friendship Group that I run held a very successful curry night on the 29th Sept. We did this to raise the rent money for the scout hut we use for our weekly meetings. We offered two different types of chicken curry, one Thai and one Indian, a vegetable curry, Aloo Boona (dry potato curry), onion bhaji, prawn crackers and four different types of rice. People could eat in or just come and get a takeaway and we served nearly 100 people on the night, raising £469 and £39 on a raffle. Everyone commented on how wonderful the food was and asked when the next one would be! It took two full days of food prep, we peeled 20kg of potato's and 10kg of onions between us, so I think we will leave it a few months before our next one!

*Also, our first Equals Friendship group baby was born on Thurs 4th Oct. Both mummy and baby are doing well and we can't wait to meet the new edition to our group!

*The generosity of the women from the friendship group. We have not been able to meet at our hall for the last 6 weeks as a new roof is being put on. We could not afford to hire anywhere else so the women have taken it in turns to hold the meetings at their houses. Not only have they opened up their homes to all us, they have also each prepared lunch for the whole group each week. Hmm, not sure if I want to go back to the hall now for our meetings!

*The wonderful reiki share ladies for an excellent session this week which left me feeling a lot more positive than I have in a while. Everyone has such a lovely energy and I always get so much out of our meetings.

*Watching my husband Stu teaching our daughter his dance moves this week. Shelby does hiphop lessons and has done for the last four years. She is currently working at her level five certificate and had to put some moves together and choose some music for them. Stu is much more 'hip' than me when it comes to music so they started going through all the cd's and then Stu put some music on and started showing Bea his moves. Now, Stu is a really good dancer, that is how I met him. I saw him dancing in a nightclub and his dancing really impressed me so I was stood watching him and when the song finished he came over and asked me to dance. Watching him dancing with our daughter really brought all those memories back and made me think how lucky I am to be sat here watching these two dancing round the front room together 15 years later.

* My friend Paige for giving me a huge pile of clothes this week that she no longer wanted. I hate clothes shopping, it depresses me no end, so now I have some lovely new clothes and I didn't have to put myself through any tears or tantrums! Thanks P.

*The wonderful Wednesday Whine group. You ladies are all fantastic and I wish I knew you in real life so we could all get together and have a few glasses of wine! Thank you x

* Re watching Supernatural right from season one. I love this show and was ill with a really bad cold/flu bug last weekend and I thought what better to cheer me up than a bit of Dean and Sam.

*My kids, who do or say something to make me smile everyday.

* My hubby, who always does everything in his power to make my life easier. I am so blessed to have him in my life.

* Seeing that the little Robin family is back in may garden for the winter. They have been here since we moved in 8 years ago but I was worried that they wouldn't come back this year and we had the hedges cut right down really low this summer.

Well, I managed to list 12 things so that's not so bad is it? I must try harder to do this post every week because there is ALWAYS something that has been a positive, even if I have to look harder some weeks than others!

Just wanted to also share some art work I have managed to get done this week. They are all acrylic, spray inks, stamps, stencils and pen on watercolour paper.

Thanks for looking,
Sami x


laurie said...

between your family and your friends, you always have such wonderful moments to look back on when the week is over! i need to get back to rywf posts - i'm just not very prompt when it comes to the calendar!

i have a new blog, it is about getting older, navigating our way through the aging process. i know you are much younger than i am so it may not be your cup of tea. :-)

enjoy the rest of your weekend!

craftattack said...

Glad you found something positive to write about.You can be very proud of your family and friends, that is for sure! Lovely art work, too! Hugs, Valerie

Virginia said...

Oh that's a fabulous post hun, loving all your gratefuls. Your son has certainly achieved a lot and how lovely to get a phone call from the head teacher. Your curry night sounds awesome!! Loving your art, the dance moves and clothes - ooooh how lovely a pile of clothes and no hassle of actually going and shopping - if only I could have that too!!!!!! The Wednesday whine group has been awesome, it's so lovely to have some like minded people to chat to! Hope you have a fabulous weekend, I've avoided the books today - don't think I'll be able to do the same tomorrow but it's been fun whilst it lasted!



Joanna said...

Lovely pic of Caleb, what a star he is!

Great post, Sam. I really think we need to see a video of your hubby and his dance moves - maybe it would teach my hubby a thing or 2 (he is a classic 'dad dancer'!).

Your artwork is AMAZING! I'll be back later to have another look.


Carmen said...

I came by last night, got distracted and forgot to comment. I mis-read last night and thought your art was Acrylic Sprays but now I see it reads acrylic AND sprays - is that the Dylusions ones you recommended before? I must get me some! Your art as always is gorgeous with so much to keep your eye travelling all over it. Wouldn't it be great if the WW group could all meet up one day for arty fun?

Well done Caleb - and how lovely to have the recognition from the head teacher too!

Your equals group sounds like an amazing bunch of women - if Mama will let you you''ll have to show us the first baby :)

Carmen said...

p.s have a fab week Sam x

scrappyjen said...

You must be so proud. That is a photograph ready for scrapping if ever I saw one. Great art work at the end too. I am late this week. Happy Sunday, jenx

Sherry said...

Well, that IS a long list Sam. Congratulatons to your son, he looks like a fine young (and handsome) man.
Love your artwork too - as usual!
Have a great week xx