Friday, 19 October 2012

Rocking your world Friday-actually on a Friday!

 It is Rocking Friday again and I am actually posting on a Friday! Hook up with our host Virginia if you want to play along.

* On Sunday it was Oakley's 2nd birthday (the black and tan cocker spaniel in the photo and the golden ones Willow, his older half sister).He is such a little dufus dog but we love him dearly. They had just had a bath in the photo so still look a little damp!They had a big meaty bone each for Oakley's birthday treat.

*Also on Sunday, Caleb and me took the dogs to this little secluded beach we know so they could have a good run and a swim in the sea. I also needed to collect some more sea glass for the mobiles I am making. The beach was deserted and we spent a lovely hour watching the dogs having fun and searching amongst the shingle for glass.

*My wonderful Hubby bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers on Sunday. He knows I love these big cabbage rose flowers so he searched through them all and found the biggest one for me. What a sweetie he is.

* The rain has really been coming down this week, but I did see this beautiful rainbow from my back doorstep. The photo isn't great, the rainbow was really vibrant and huge.

*I also spent some time with my nephew this week as he was down for a few days from Crawley. He will be 17 next month and I have to wonder where the time has gone when I see him and he's so tall and grown up now.

* My new hoody finally arrived this week. I have been waiting 7 weeks for it to turn up. It is a beautiful purple and turquoise patchwork type one from Joe Brown and I just had to have it!

* I ordered the first of the Xmas presents this week from Amazon and they have arrived and been put away from prying eyes! I do need to get more organised as these are all I have bought so far.

* I have been working on secret Yule gifts for my pagan family the last couple of weeks. We always make gifts for each other to celebrate Yule, rather than get caught up in the commercialism that is Xmas!! I do think a handmade gift can be so much more thoughtful most times and I have enjoyed working out how I am going to put my gifts together.

That's about it for this week, it's been a very quiet week with me mostly working and not getting much else done.

I finished a painting I was working on last week. I am pleased with the end result and find I am really enjoying the freedom of this abstract style art.I used acrylics, ink sprays, texture paste, stencils and paint pens.

Finished piece

I have no idea what to call this painting, any ideas???

Thanks for popping by,
Sami x


Joanna said...

Weeeeeee, your Rocking post made it in on a Friday!!!!

Lovely lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it. Belated Birthday wishes to Oakley (although i did wish him Happy Birthday on FB!). He and Willow look so cute together :)

Now to your painting, which is WONDERFUL. I really liked seeing how it evolved, wowzers girl!! Love it, the colours, images and, well, everything. You are SO talented. A name doesn't jump to mind, I'll have to think about that.


Carmen said...

I am seeeeeeeething with jealousy! I have been coveting that hoody on JB's for ages! They are my favourite clothes shop but I have never yet been able to afford anything off there - I search for their stuff on eBay but even that's got pricey now. I may have to give in and get that one though... if you don't mind! (Devvie and her friends have a strict code that if one friend buys an item of clothing, all the others are banned from buying it! LOL!)

I made it on Friday too!

Thank you so much for your step by step on the paintings - I love where you are going with this style too. I don't have a name but this latest one reminds me very much of water. The circles look like ripples after a pebble has been dropped in to a calm stream.

I totally agree about the handmade pressies too. they always mean so much more.

Have a lovely week Sam x

Sarah said...

lol I've been looking at that hoody too :D maybe we could make it our uniform? :D

LOVE your painting Sam, thanks for the step by step pics, I love seeing how stuff comes together

Belated happy birthday to Oakley, such a cutie

have a great week x

craftattack said...

Your painting is wonderful! Glad your week was good! Hugs, Valerie

Sherry said...

I love seeing the step by step stages of your work Sam and the finished result is AMAZING - love it! I can't immediately think what to call it either - I do love the colours you've used.

Love that rainbow too xx