Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Catch up!

Well hello there!It's been way to long since I posted, over a month now. Work has been so hectic with three culture kitchen events, Ryde Arts Parade and funding applications to contend with, which has not left me with a minute to catch up on here or on other peoples blogs. Add in the Jubilee celebrations, 3 weekends working on my friends camper van with her and a whole host of other 'life' things and lets just say I fallen way behind with everything. Apologies to those I regularly visit, I am trying to catch up with all your posts!

Anyway, I have about 5 weeks worth of catching up to do with my Rockin posts...which ain't gonna happen as I haven't written anything down...but here's what I do remember!

* Getting the bullying sorted out with the school for my daughter. It took a few attempts before anyone took me seriously, but it seems to be all settled now and Shelby is back to being her usual delightful self.

* My son being awarded an IW festival ticket in recognition of all his hard work throughout the year. Now the recognition is fab, but he had to decline the ticket as a) he didn't want to go, b) He knew I would not let him go on his own and c) the school had actually sent home a letter to parents asking them not to let their kids attend the festival if they had exams on the Monday!! Why then was this his prize!!!

* My sister coming safely out of her operation and making a good recovery

* A new meditation group that I joined. Wonderful people, very spiritually enlightening and a great Me time treat.

* Celebrating the summer solstice with wonderful friends and family at the beautiful piece of land me use, and the fact that although the day started off wet the sun did make an appearance by lunchtime allowing us to carry out our celebration and have a BBQ.

* Fairy club. I am still so thankful that I was allowed to join and that I am making my own OOAK fairy under direction from one of the most talented women I have ever met! She is coming along nicely, I really struggled with the eyes (which I am still not happy with) but managed to do perfect boobs straight away...what does this say?!

 * Managing to find a couple of hours to start my third painting of my Maiden, Mother, Crone set. It's been about 10 months since I finished the first two and my mojo for them has waned slightly! Also for remembering to get my 'pass the painting' canvas done in time and sent off to the next person (part of the pass the painting swap on Collabor-art)

 * Making this bag about 6 weeks ago...the intention was to make a whole load to sell but I have not had time so I am now using this one myself. I used one of my prints and added some lovely wave fabric to the bottom.

 * The Jubilee celebrations. Well, the extra time off work anyway! Shelby and I did go down to the seafront with my sister, mum, dad and brother in law to watch the torch being lit and to see the fireworks though. We had a lovely time and laughed our socks off at the family next to us.... a group of older women, one of them celebrating their 91st birthday, drinking Jack Daniels and getting more and more drunk and outrageous as the evening wore on...I hope I am still enjoying life that much at that age!

* Being able to call on friends for help. How nice it is to pick up the phone and ask for help and have people who are happy to oblige. What wonderful friends I have that when I need them the most they are always there. I hope I always return the favour.

Well, I am sure there were many more rockin moments over the last few weeks, but my work addles brain is having trouble remembering them!
Thanks for stopping by after my long absence, normal service should resume shortly!
Sami x


craftattack said...

Well, it's a wonder you have time to do anything when I read all that you do! Love the steamp-punk painting, and your three faces. But as for the doll and the boobs and eyes - now, I wonder what Freud would say to it? But I think it's fantastic! Hugs, Valerie

Joanna said...

Hooray, it's great to see you back, Sam! Great Rocking list too - well done for sorting out the bullying issues, I hope Shelby won't be scarred by the horrible experience. How daft of the school - I mean well done to your son but what were they thinking of giving him a single IW festival ticket, as if it would be appropriate for him to go on his own exams or not!! I'm so glad your sister is making a good recovery, sending her a hug. Your boobalicious fairy is gorgeous ;o) I agree with you, I hope I'm still enjoying life as much as those older ladies on the beach front, good for them!

I hope life calms down a bit for you so you are able to stop and smell the roses!


laurie said...

it's perfectly ok to be busy with living a full life! there will be time to catch up on projects this fall and winter, for sure. i'm glad you have so much goodness happening. i love the bag you made!!! beautiful and practical. :-)

Carmen said...

Well this has left a huge smile on my face :) (Apart from the idiot school!) How busy you have been.

Love your busty fairy, boobs FTW!

Allllll your art work is gorgeous as always, glad you have started your trio painting again.

C x

Virginia said...

Good Morning hun - how lovely to see a rocking post - but no wonder you've not had time you sound ultra busy! I'm loving the busty fairy doll - she is amazing! Also loving the artwork, glad you got the bullies sorted at school - not nice. How fantastic that your son won that prize and how stupid of the school to give it if they were then going to advise against going - crazy stuff! Hope the funding applications are proving positive and glad you managed to enjoy the solstice. The 91 year old sounds like a riot, lets hope we're all still enjoying life like that at her age!

Hope your week is truly blessed and a little calmer.


Myzdamena's World said...

Oh what gorgous artyness and *lol* about the boobs going right first time :)

..and yeay that the sun finally came out so you could celebrate..