Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Truthful Journal

I managed to complete two journal pages on Sunday morning. I did these in my truthful journal, which is a journal I handmade (you can see how I made this journal in this post) to use for 'truthful' journal ling...whether good or bad, its honest, how I feel right at this moment, journal ling and art.

For this one I used Tim Holtlz tissue tape as a border, a grungy background stamp, Dylusions paints and sprays and a stencil. Once I had done the background I could see a face in it so I drew it!
For this one I used an old map as the background. (little tip: Don't tell the staff in Oxfam that you want to cut up the old map you are buying!! I had picked up a selection of old road maps they had in there and didn't realise the price on one of them was £15!! I said I didn't want that one as they were only to cut up for art work...I didn't think she was going to let me buy them, she was horrified!!)
I used Dylusions paints, stamps and tissue tape. I used a letter stencil to spray through which gave a nice effect. The layering came out a little heavy and covered up most of the map so I drew on some more map lines. I cut out a person from a magazine and stuck it down and painted over the top then removed it to get the silhouette.
Sami x


PaperPumpkin said...

These are so wonderful and raw and honest. Love them. Thank you for explaining your layers, it helps me when I feel so stuck sometimes. Beautiful pages, love the maps and silhouette. That is on my to-do list, but haven't done it yet, but isn't it a great effect?

Lorraine said...

lovely colours on these tea with pear sounds lovely thanks for your comments on my tea card and tin..hope your enjoying the sun

Jamie said...

I love the silhouette in the second one - amazing.

Sherry Edwards said...

Gorgeous pages as ever! I think the eyes in the first one are spot on, they do look as though they've tears in them.
Love the silhouette, that works really well.

LOL about the lady in the charity shop! I often wonder what they'd think if they knew what happens to a lot of the stuff they sell! Sounds as though you were lucky to get out with them!

LadyBug said...

These look wonderful Sami! I'm loving the muted colours and the print paper showing through the layers! they look really sad :( I hope that doesn't mean you're feeling sad at the mo? me thinks a girls trip out might be called for!!! a cheering up day??? Love you Px

laurie said...

your pages are so intriguing! i like the idea of having a truthful journal - i may have to get myself one of those!

Anneliese said...

lol at the lady in the shop, I once bought a load of books that they were selling off at the library for an altered book workshop, the chap there had no idea when I said I wanted them for altering ... daren't tell him we start off by ripping half the pages out ! lol :D Love your pages, particularly like the writing inside the figure ... :D x

Carmen said...

Yeah - you get the same kind of reaction from comic book guys when you say you want cheap Spiderman comics to cut up. You'd think you were planning murder or something :P

These are gorgeous pages Sam - love those silhouettes you do!